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    Simpler solution

    This solution worked for me and did it in just a few lines of code:
  2. Paging Toolbar Advances Despite Store Load Error

    I have a grid panel with a paging toolbar. When the user presses the next page button of the paging toolbar, the paging toolbar calls the data store for page 2. If the data store proxy gets a 500...
  3. Answered

    I found out where the three values for {0}, {1}, and {2} come from in EXT 4.x. The answer is slightly different for 3.x. (I had done it the 3.x way based on a code example online and that's why it...
  4. Grid Paging Toolbar's displayMsg: wrong value displayed

    According to the docs, the {0}, {1}, and {2} values in the displayMsg attribute string of a paging toolbar are "replaced by the values for start, end and total respectively." Where are these values...
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