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  1. hasMany relationship: static (broken) vs. dynamic loading

    I have 2 models with a 1:many relationship (Game:GameScores -- game scores can be part-way through a game). I have the relationship defined in the Game model. When I call <game>.gameScores(), I...
  2. What magic words do I need to incant to not load...

    What magic words do I need to incant to not load it all up front? Or put another way, do you know of a good example of this someplace?

  3. The store is created thusly: ...

    The store is created thusly:

    name: 'TouchMill',

    models: [ 'Event', 'Tournament', ], //'TournamentTeam' ],
    views: [ 'Main', 'Events', 'Tournaments', 'Games',...
  4. hasMany relationship + dynamic loading

    I've been fruitlessly searching for something that feels like it should be ... uncomplicated. So far everything I've found in examples/docs suggests that store proxies want to load all data, and...
  5. proxy parameters - dynamic at startup, and dynamic from user

    I am in the early stages of an app that will be, I think, fairly straightforward representation and occasional update of an existing, unmodifiable RESTful JSON database. I am struggling with a couple...
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    Thanks! This sounds like exactly the start point...

    Thanks! This sounds like exactly the start point I need. I probably should have mentioned in the original thread that I have always done backend work, so even dumb low level stuff for dealing w/...
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    starting point: fake data, authorization

    I am just starting a project and intend to use Touch as the basis. I have gone through a couple tutorials, but they haven't given me a real sense of how to connect to what I need to actually...
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