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  1. When deploying with IO, alert with "Path to index is invalid." but it isn't!

    I uploaded a .zip of my app, where my index.html is in the root. Thus the path in is set to a value of index.html.

    It pops up with the alert every time I try and deploy, that the path to...
  2. So I should uninstall the SDK tools 2.x that I...

    So I should uninstall the SDK tools 2.x that I have, point MAMP at my SDK I downloaded, and Cmd should work perfectly fine that way?
  3. Cannot generate new Sencha app instance - "not recognized Sencha SDK folder"

    In terminal I have cd/ into my SDK I downloaded (latest version) as well as I have installed the latest SDK Tools and latest Sencha Cmd versions using the default install location. Everytime I try to...
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