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    Been trying to increase the width of the textfield within the FileUploadField component.

    Have tried setSize, but it only changes the height.

    Tried getFileInput().setSize(..) (after render...
  2. thanks, updating the css files did the trick. i didn't realized css could affect events...
  3. all textfield cell editors are no longer working. only checkboxes... i compared my code with the one on demo and both seem similar... any ideas? is there any new setting introduced in 2.1.0?
  4. i upgraded to 2.1.0, which fixed one issue but brought about another. now when i double click on any cell in my editor grid with checkboxselectionmodel, the cell editor does not appear. this wasn't...
  5. this seems to be fixed in 2.1.0. i had the same problem in 2.0.1 but upgrading seems to have nailed it. ~o)
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