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  1. Bumping... anyone?
  2. Nice,
    I used stopEvent() because I watched onKeyLeft() method.
  3. Could be "x-date-active-hover" style (the same style used on mouse over).

    Something like this block work when added on setCellStyle() (I don't know the ARIA related attributes, because that I...
  4. - Detailed description of the problem
    In DatePicker when you select the "today" date with the shortcut key (space bar) a space is inserted in the end of the text in the field, making the field...
  5. - Detailed description of the problem
    In the DatePicker while navigating the days with the shortcuts keys the current selected day isn't show with the "x-date-selected" style, although the...
  6. Hi,

    Comparing the resources folder from version 2.2.4 and 2.2.5 I have found that folder themes/access/images/default is an exact copy of the folder images/default.

    I think that it was done...
  7. Replies
    I changed some translation, fixed others and deleted deprecated (that were not in the english translation or were not in XMessage interface).

    Hope this help to improve the spanish translation.

  8. I searched but I don't see that similar post, sorry...

    There is any estimated time for the release 2.2? (The roadmap is not updated).

  9. Yes, I saw that post but the main problem was the NPE and when you said "This problem is quite simple and will be fixed with 2.2" I understood that you has referred to NPE.
  10. Detailed description of the problem
    I have a grid grouped by for example store.groupBy("") where industry is a custom type (extending BaseModel or implementing BeanModelTag) and has a...
  11. Detailed description of the problem
    If I add a MenuItem that has a submenu and are added with MenuItem.setHideOnClick(false) as "root" item on StartMenu and then I click on it, hides the menu.

  12. Yes, it would be nice but if you could allow to set an arbitrary focus button too, it would be better.... Something like this in MessageBox#getDialog() :

    if (getButtons() != null) {
  13. I would like that too
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