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  1. Hi everyone! We're running into this issue as well. Do not want to wrap the search field in a form panel, as we are using most of our search in the toolbar. If we wrap in a form panel, this wrecks...
  2. Adding 'name' worked! Thanks!
  3. Hi!

    I'm experiencing a rendering error when adding a combobox to my panel's toolbar in IE. If you click on the combobox, the display of the dropdown is floated to the top-left of the screen. Try...
  4. Has this bug been fixed? I am experiencing the same issue trying to migrate code from 2.x to 3.0.
  5. ok... when i commented out the "applyTo" as you did, it works. any idea why that is? in previous version, i applied the window to a div element.
  6. sorry, evan. that code does run fine... tried to isolate the problem (without success).

    i'm not exactly sure what is going on. i'm trying to migrate our code from ext 2.0.2 to the new ext 3.0...
  7. I am still getting this error in FireFox 2... are you guys still supporting FireFox 2? Running the code below gives me an infinite loop and memory hog. This error only happens in my FireFox. When...
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    Are you calling the grid's load() ?
  9. It's hard for me to tell exactly what you are trying to do without seeing the code. But, I'm going to try anyway. If I'm way off base, you may try expounding on what you're trying to do and post...
  10. I believe you should be able to pass an array as a parameter.

    // Simple ajax form submission
    form: 'some-form',
    params: { paramName: [x, y, z] }
  11. To repeat Condor, if the parameters you wish to pass are static, just set them in the 'baseParams' config option for ComboBox. However, if these values could change, you would need to create a...
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    Hey guys. I need some information about the destroy(). I understand the basic concept of the Component Life Cycle. However, I was wondering if this destroy method gets called if a user leaves the...
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    I have seen the Ext Portal Demo and am pretty impressed... but, due to the nature of our data, our users need the ability to resize the portlets (vertically and or horizontally). Our users will...
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    yeah, thanks... i had to put a huge listWidth so the scroll bar wouldn't appear.
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    I am probably having the same issue. The horizontal scrollbar is displaying in the combobox drop-down... i would prefer it not be there. When there is only one item in combobox, the horizontal...
  16. I am having same problem as well... Any solution for this?
  17. thanks guys. both of your replies were very helpful.

    willydee - you were right with the layout: 'fit'. setting the layout to border in the Ext.Panel item attribute of the window did the trick.
  18. I currently have an Ext.Dialog that contains an Ext.form.Form. This was fairly simple to introduce. Now, I am trying to migrate to 2.0 and Forms are now FormPanels and Dialogs are now Windows. I...
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    I have included a zip file that has all the source code as well as a tutorial (step by step) of how to create the Spring/Ext JS application. The tutorial (in the zip file) is located at...
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    I have created an example with Spring and ExtJS (without DWR). Is there a place where I can host it?
  21. I posted this in the "bugs" forum, but I'm not sure it belonged there as I'm not totally sure it is a bug.

    I am trying using XStream to convert my Java Objects into XML to return in an AJAX...
  22. I am using XStream to convert my Java Objects into XML to be returned in the AJAX request. The XStream creates the following XML with an object com.acme.example.Test:
  23. thanks for everyone's responses. the checkbox.getActionEl().clearPositioning(); is what i was missing (thanks iriemike). thanks!
  24. We still haven't solved the problem... can anyone help?
  25. Hello all. We've been using Ext for a while now, and normally don't have a problem figuring out an issue when something comes up. However, we seem to be stuck at this point. We are creating an...
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