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  1. Hi there, I'm the author of Netzke, and I wanted to point out that Netzke is generally suitable for modular Ext JS + Ruby on Rails web apps. The above mentioned desktop demo is only an example. There...

    Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.0.2 - 4.0.5

    Browser versions tested against:
  3. I also run across it while destroying a GridPanel.
  4. What's the preferred way to access grid columns from inside the grid?

    By using Firebug and source code, I have detected 2 ways:

    1) this.columns (private)
    2) this.getView().getHeaderCt()...
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    Thanks, that seems exactly what I was looking for!
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    Has anyone tried to make Ext JS class system to work on Node.js? Any thoughts about it?

  7. I would also recommend having a look into Netzke, which allows for a modular approach to writing your apps. The support for Sencha Touch is still basic (there's no pre-built components, as in case of...
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    From Ext 4 Overview Guide:

    "The Ext 4 grid now natively supports buffering its data during rendering, providing a virtual, load-on-demand view of its data. Grids will now easily support hundreds...
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    I think mmartz wanted to say "as in the *second* example".
  10. It seems that the current Ext JS 4 preview is not implementing well docking toolbars to the sides. Is it planned for the final release? Is there going to be a special type of Toolbar component for...
  11. > I just think the BaseClass/SuperClass is essential for defining a class and understanding a class, and you extend like 100% of the times.

    Not exactly. In some cases you simply don't have a...
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    These are not interchangeable. Many components do custom initialization in initComponent. An example: a component may define its events in initComponent, so, only in (overridden) initComponent you...
  13. Ext.define is not meant as a replacement for "new". Ext.define defines a class, while "new" creates an instance of a class.
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    Started using it in my project. It's working very well, and can be seen in action here, for example:
  15. 2 years ago I started a project (called "Netzke") that allows writing Ext JS and Ruby on Rails web apps in a component-oriented way, which gives some very strong advantages, especially for complex...
  16. If you look into current ext-all-debug.js, lines 4335 through 4352, you'll see the following code:

    setWidth : function(width, animate){
    var me = this;
    width =...
  17. The same happens here.

    EDIT: This has been addressed:

    The mentioned workaround worked for...
  18. I have just seen and solved the same issue. The problem appeared to be that I was rendering a Panel with a certain ID into a div with the same ID. With other words, watch out for your IDs not being...
  19. I thought I could share the new approach that I use in my Rails/ExtJS applications for creating composite reusable components (that is reusable code which includes both client and server parts). I...
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    I agree with, and understand, the value of decoupled components, so, I didn't suggest that either of "tree" or "content" components would know anything about each other. I suggested that...
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    How is your approach different from direct subscription to tree's events like this:

    (inside app)

    tree.on('clickLeaf', function(nodeObj, nodeAttr, nodeText){
  22. 99% of Javascript in this example is done for you by the framework. That's the idea behind (Netzke) widgets: you only write a widget (both Ruby and Javascript) once, and than reuse it in different...
  23. I have just finished a comprehensive tutorial on how to build a composite Rails + Ext widget, that combines other prebuilt widgets in a reusable way:
  24. Fixed now.
  25. With the Netzke framework it's extremely easy to integrate a feature-packed grid into your Rails web-site. All that you need is to declare the grid in the controller:

    class GridPanelController...
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