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    I found a bug on method "clearTime".It's overwrites the ExtJS method without "clone" parameter.It fails with Extensible Calendar.
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    I found a bug on method "clearTime".
    It's overwrites the ExtJS method without "clone" parameter.
    It fails with Extensible Calendar.
  3. I'm also trying do it (using Sencha Cmd + ExtJS 4.2.1).
    I could not found a way to generate it without creating an app.
    You could use this steps to generate it.

    Go to ExtJS library...
  4. Hi,

    Can Sencha Touch 2 used in sandbox mode like ExtJS (Ext4 namespace)?
  5. The default layout (auto) does not display only a div.It displays some extra structure (span+div, table, etc.) depending on renderTpl conditions.I need a container which display only a div and child...
  6. Then, how can I create a simple container ("<div></div>") with items?
  7. You could reproduce it with it.
  8. I'm trying to create a simple container to add items after some processes.

    Navigator: Chrome 30

    var a = new Ext.Container(
    renderTo: Ext.getBody(),
  9. I have created a Fiddle to test it:
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    Encoding an exception also returns "undefined".

    To reproduce:
    try{ var a = foo.b; }catch( e ){ Ext4.encode( { a: e } ); }

  11. Please, could you compile your patch with the updated version 2.0.3?
  12. Could you add a compiled version with this patch?
  13. Is this extension compatible Ext JS 3?
  14. Hi, I also need Observable inside core.
    Why is it not included?
    I have tried to use "ext-core.js" from builds folder.

  15. Currently, the only effect for 'cors:true' is to use XDomainRequest (to use in IE) instead of XmlHttpRequest.
    Now, I could do ajax cross domain request with ExtJS 3.4 using "Ext.Ajax.request" method...
  16. Simple and fast test case:

    Using Firefox 3.6.16 execute this with Firebug:

    url: '',
    method: 'post'
  17. Firefox 3.6.16

    Do ajax cross domain request

    Possible info:

    Possible solution:
  18. if ((options.cors === true || me.cors === true) && Ext.isIe && Ext.ieVersion >= 8) {

    should be

    if ((options.cors === true || me.cors === true) && Ext.isIE && Ext.ieVersion >= 8) {
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