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  1. Wish I could help, but we never got a chance to resolve this. We were evaluating ExtJS but couldn't work out licensing issues.
  2. I have a Grid that is rendered inside a div that is initially hidden. When the hidden div is set visible, the Grid does not render. Is there a property to set on the Grid that will allow it to render...
  3. Worked perfectly.

    Sorry about posting in the wrong forum. I'll try searching around more next time.

  4. I have a column with two actions that are being passed to me. Both of the actions calls some JavaScript that pops up the row's full data in a separate screen. One action for edit and one for view....
  5. So adding the bold part on the reader?

    type: 'json',
    useSimpleAccessors: true,
    root: 'rows'
  6. So I guess I have no choice.

    Thanks for the quick response.
  7. In our application, we have data objects represented by maps. The key to the map is something like, "OBJECT_TYPE.COLUMN". I have the following ExtJS code:

    var columns = new Array();
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