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  1. In both stores the property "autoLoad" is missing.
  2. Yes, I also miss this one.
    Hopefully it is not discontinued.

    CU Stephan
  3. Hi,
    many thanks but I found this already.
    What I do need is the possibility to set the parameters at runtime because they come from a form panel.

    TIA Stephan
  4. Ok, many thanks.
    But if you would now please add an example how to fill a list with a store (from JSONP with parameters) we all would be very happy.

    TIA Stephan
  5. So, can we please please have an example with a list filled from a store where the data comes from a JSONP request with parameters. :-)
    There are at least 5 threads dealing with the same problem...
  6. Yes, but how can I set the callback parameter and additional parameters?
    Unfortunately I couldn't find a load() method where I can set parameters and a callback function etc.

    There is a read()...
  7. Yes, sorry I did point to the wrong example.
    You are right its the "guide" example.
    Works good on my iPhone.
  8. Have a look at the twitter example.

    CU Stephan
  9. It would be really a good idea to have a working example for a JasonPReader populating a list (and then triggering a detailed view).
    Unfortunately I can't find any example with a JsonPReader which...
  10. I used some parts from the twitter example.
    Here you create a list with Ext.List with a template item:

    var restaurantliste = new Ext.Component({
    title: 'Rest',
    cls: 'timeline',
  11. Thanks very much.
    I just "found" the event "itemtap" some hours ago :-)
    But I don't have the items in a store.
    Is it possible to get the data of the selected item via the parameter "item" of the...
  12. No idea ?
    I think this should be a common problem.
    In many applications you have a list of items. And when you click on one them you get a detailed view of that item.

    CU Stephan
  13. Hi,
    I have a list of items (like the list of recevied mails on my iPhone).
    On click on the right arrow icon I want to show a detailed view of the item.
    My idea was then to show a new card (within...
  14. Hi,
    every config parameter is described, but not the most important one, the "type" parameter.

    CU Stephan
  15. Replies
    Oh no, I'm so stupid.
    Thanks very much.
    In my ExtJS Code (where it works) I don't use the {'s :-D

    Thanks, Stephan
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    I'm trying to use the card layout to switch between two panels.
    The samples work very good.
    But I don't want to put all my config code etc. in the item part.
    Therefore I created a var...
  17. Thanks for sharing :-)

  18. Thanks for the tip :D
    But too bad you have to use Google as vBulletin also offers very good search options. :(

  19. Hello,
    I don't know where to put this:

    I don't know whether its my problem or one of the forum settings,
    but the search possibilities could be improved.

    There is no way to search for pattern1...
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    Hi VinylFox,
    thanks very much for this very good plugin.
    I' ve studied your code and do partial understand it.
    But it makes me wonder how you manage to insert the html code via the midascommand....
  21. Hi Fabyo,
    thanks very much.
    This works just perfect.

  22. Thank you very much for this extension.
    It works great so far.
    But unfortunately the swf upload doesn't work in FF.
    How can I perform uploads with other methods?
    Any hints?

    TIA Stephan
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    I think it would be very good to have a modal window in ExtJs Core.
    Because with this one could create easily messages after ajax requests.
    For example after sending form data via ajax.

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    Yes I know, but there is no ext-core.js or ext-core-debug.js available.
    So you have to build one by yourself :-(

    CU Stephan
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    Hi experts,
    is there any newer version for download ?
    I've download 3.0.0 and the tab panel doesn't work :-(
    It is the error which is described in several posts (not highlighting the right tab)....
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