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  1. He folks,

    not really a bug, but an improvement to the Link Helper in the HtmlEditor. Currently the Link Target wont be repopulated if you click the button with a link selected.

    here is the fix...
  2. he i think ive found a workaround for the pagingtoolbar filtering problem:

    in my store beforeload function i simpy set the page to 0 if ther filters has changed:

    /** Store **/
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    ok i think i fixed most of the initial bugs... feel free to do whoteva you want to do with it ;)
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    ok fixed the problems...(goddamn autowidth problems)

    ive tested it in ff3,safari,ie8,ie6,opera,epiphany...

    but its still in a very early stage...

    hope somebody except me got a use for that...
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    only tested it in ff3 on linux, so then i have to boot bei windows virtual machine :(
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    he folks,

    i proudly present my first extension (if it can be called a plugin)

    its a simple Ext.DataView Plugin which lets you cycle through the records and show the current image... i realized...
  7. mh i found a weird behaviour of Ext.air.Notify...

    the background of the Notify is only showing up on Windows, and on Linux its transparent...

    with the same code and resources...i dont think its...
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    he aaron,

    i got the latest aptana ide...and if i try to switch to debugging mode, it tells me "Adobe AIR application debugging is not currently supported."

    can you gimme some details about...
  9. he currently its working this way (text,files)

    if(e.hasFormat(Ext.air.DragType.TEXT) || e.hasFormat(Ext.air.DragType.FILES)){...
  10. are they existing? if yes, where can i find them...

    i like the Ext.air.Notify, but it got no background, i would like to know how can i customize them
  11. omg im so stupid -.-...this thread can be closed and removed ;)

    thanks again condor
  12. he folks...i got a slightly problem here...

    i had to override some css elements for correct behaviour of comboboxes

    (see for this problem)

  13. try to put your existing code in an air application and see what happens ;)

    there arent so many parts which have to be changed i may ran into the air-"eval" problem...but therefore...
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    aaronstatic's code works fine with ext-2.2
  15. perfect :D thanks for helping me out so fast

    i love this community
  16. the panel itself has a cardlayout (for inserting different panels inside)...

    the close tool has following signature

    tools: [{
    id: "close",
    handler: function(e, el, p){...
  17. he guys,

    i got a weird bug here...

    i have a closable panel with a nested accordion layout and different other panels inside...
    one of them is a form...

    if i open the panel first, everything...
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    mh condors solution worked for me,

    synacks solution wont...dont tried it with other attributes than iconCls

    thanks for your help
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    thanks condor, didnt found that post
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    how is this possible without reloading the parent node.

    i tried to manipulate the NodeUI, the icon is changed, but the new icon doesent get displayed...

    here my code

  21. tested and it wont expected...maybe it has todo with air?
    but i got no error or something else...dunno maybe only the vtype should be modified to accept special keys?
  22. im using it in an adobe-air container...(which is a naked webkit)

    and yes this combobox is inside a viewport->panel->formpanel

    the fix you provided doesnt solve the problem...
  23. he guys,

    first of all my code:

    mode: 'local',
  24. yeah your right...the introspector wont show up in my deployed app because the key is triggering another event in my operating system...
  25. yeah i know the introspector...but the introspector doesnt work on "deployed air apps" as far as i know.

    and the linux/windows versions are both 1.1
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