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    Thanks for your answer! I understand your point. However I do have zero experience with those protocols, by any chance you can give me some quick tips how to get started? Tutorials, links,...
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    It looks real great, any chance I can see the source code, it would really help me out with my current project for school! The project is: Make a WebApp for an social media site of your choice. I...
  3. not much feedback..
  4. bumpie
  5. Do someone know how to draw the page good, so when the page loads, the viewport starts at the top of the page, so beneath the address bar?
  6. no reaction over there.. pff too many bugs in ST..
  7. Is this a bug which can be fixed next time or must i do some changes? i don't think that my code is wrong at the moment, but if you see something, please tell.
  8. yeah, when i press the screen the bar hides itself and then on the bottom a white space appears (size of the address bar).
  9. When the address bar is shown , that is not good.

    So the viewport starts too fast or something?
  10. Anyone?
  11. Hello everyone,

    I have been trying to fix this all day, but I have no idea how-to so i guess it's a bug? It happens not every time, but like one in the five times. pictures are added ;)
  12. Hello everyone,

    I have been trying to fix this all day, but I have no idea how-to so i guess it's a bug? It happens not every time, but like one in the five times. pictures are added ;)
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    Thanks a lot for the reply!

    Actually the addMetaTags:false didn;t work for me ;)

    But I did check the code as you said and found where the tag is added to the head of the html file. So i simply...
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    I want to put the webapp capability off, because when it saves to the iphone homescreen some function's wont work (linkedin story i posted before). So i want that if they save it to the...
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    Does someone have a working linkedin example, simple authorize button (which works when saved to homescreen too) would be great.

    I would really appreciate it.

  17. iOS 4.1 and 4.3.3 tested, both with same result.

    As far as I know, last version of the API and last version of ST ;)

    Anyone has a working example? Would appreciate it.
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    you can find them on the sencha touch page and by checking the examples which is in the ST folder you downloaded. Also if you search on the forums and api you find many information.

  19. You're the best, i found a similar solution myself 5 minutes ago. Than I checked the forum and saw your post. Thanks a lot, it's a great plugin, I wonder why sencha didn't make this before, since...
  20. hey thx a lot for the reply.

    Well it completely works in Safari on Iphone 3 and 4.

    But I checked the error console again, and maybe you right, i get this:

    Unsafe JavaScript attempt to...
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    Hey Ajg3! really thanks for testing it on your device, mmm maybe the url bar hides too late because it's still on a development server, which is much slower than normal.

    Maybe this map works...
  22. Great solution, but I want to change the url dynamicly (when the panel becomes active) is this possible? Let's say the new url link comes from a record in a store. example you got a list with...
  23. Same problem, seems like the browser url bar hides too late and the panel calculates a "smaller" screen.
  24. Okay,when i do that i see "link pressed" in the alert box.

    So this means that the webapp execute the handler right?

    It's still strange why i get white screen...
  25. Hello everyone,

    I want to use the backbutton from the browser to navigate back and forward in my webapp, my question is, do someone know how? Any link to information about this is welcome.
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