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  1. Hi,

    This solution works... but only partially...
    If I drag an object between two nodes, the object can dropped over there... But I would like to prohibit dropping objects elsewhere but on a...
  2. Hi,

    In a TreeGrid I would like to enable or disable nodes of the tree depending on their properties.
    How do I detect the model in the tree where my mouse currently moves over?


  3. Hi,

    I have an Async Tree Grid with setCaching(true). After user types into StoreFilterField his search string, is the cache of the tree cleared and the requested items are not found anymore....
  4. Hi,

    I kindly ask for an answer. Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong?
    I can not type any new values into my SimpleComboBox.

    I have tried to catch the BlurEvent, but I can not find out...
  5. Hi,

    I have a SimpleComboBox with some predefined values. The ComboBox should not be limited to these values, but after I type "Senator" and leave the combobox, the value is set to null...

  6. Thank you, I have solved it.

    I have added a key, that remains unique during whole life of the object. My ID from the database is just one "common" property of the object...

    Thanx! =D>

  7. Hi,

    I have a store with field ID as ModelKeyProvider. After user adds new item to a tree, the new item gets a temporary ID (some negative number). This item is later saved and server sends back a...
  8. Hi,

    All examples of GXT have forms with only one field per line. In real life you write more complex editors. Based on StockEditor I have written following you can see in screen-shot below.

  9. Solution:
  10. Hi,

    using standard BasicTabExample I get in IE & FireFox following result:


    Do I miss something? Some CSS? All other objects look fine...

  11. Replies

    Minimizing Window does not work... Maximize is OK...


  12. Hi,

    I have a large, structured tree of items on the server. I would like to allow users to add new items to it.

    The example AsyncTreeGridExample suits perfectly. To this working example I have...
  13. Thank you, that had worked!
    ...and you are right. Focusing on store modifications is a better approach.

    For cleanness sake:

    public void onDrop(DndDropEvent event) {
  14. Hi,

    Please one more time for the "slower ones"...
    How do I find the item on which the mouse was released?
    And did the user want to drop the item before or after this item? Where is the cursor?
  15. Very good! Everything works now like it should...
    Thank you for your quick and competent response!

    My final Logger class looks like this:

    package de.mike.client;

  16. Thank you! Worked.

    However the win.scrollIntoView(win.getItem(win.getItemCount()-1)); will not scroll onto last element... And the Window does not have any scroll bar even thought...
  17. Hi,

    I have a very simple Logging class, which accepts messages and shows the 100 newest ones in a static window. From any class I call then Logger.log("This is my message to log")
    The added...
  18. Hi,

    I think this is a bug, but I post it rather here... just in case you can help me with a simple workaround ;)

    In the standard EditableGrid example:...
  19. Hi,

    It is working, just the row height changes after every click...
    Thank you very much for your help.


  20. any ideas?
  21. Hi,

    I am using the original EditableGridExample from GXT.
    I need an AutoCommit for any change in the EditorGrid.
    For all "normal" fields I can use following:
  22. Thank you! Working!
    One line is enough....
    If you know what you are doing....

  23. Hi,

    I am trying to create a resizeable Window filled with TabPanel with 3 TabItems on it, with a little space around the tabs. (Later I will put ListViews as content of the TabItems.) The code...
  24. Thank you.

  25. Hi,

    Please help me to on get the right way.
    I have a BaseModel that has variable columns. (Is something like that "wanted" at all?)
    I can create an Object based on this model, but when I try to...
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