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  1. Thank you for posting the patch! (Fixed in 4.1 does not help us 4.0.7 ers)!
  2. Thank You All :)
  3. Are there any guidelines people use that help them decide when it is
    better to dynamically generate all html elements using Ext (auto-render)
    versus actually writing some html and using it as...
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    There is a less-intrusive way to do this too:

    Ext.lib.Ajax.originalRequest = Ext.lib.Ajax.request;
    Ext.lib.Ajax.originalAsyncRequest = Ext.lib.Ajax.asyncRequest;
    Ext.lib.Ajax.request =...
  5. thanks - i installed instantrails and fed it through apache and it worked :-)
  6. Hi Dear Ext gurus and dilettantes,
    before I invoke your wrath prematurely, I would like to mention that I have searched the forum for this topic - and...
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