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  1. The ext.loader is not properly loading my stores in IE. I believe this may be a bug. There are no issues with Firefox or Chrome.
  2. Its this anonymous function:

    function anonymous(c,a) {
    return new c(a[0])

    I have already had to manually load a resource because the intended functionality does not work, do I have to...
  3. ext-debug.js, line 6635 character 13
  4. Hi all I have the following stores and it is breaking in IE, giving me an object expected error, I have narrowed the classes down to these files, does anyone know why this is?

  5. Here is my controller:

    Ext.define('Portal.Advertiser.controller.Menu', {
    extend: '',
    refs: [{
    ref: 'menu',
    selector: 'menu #openedTree'
  6. Hey all, temporarily I am using:

    name: 'Advertiser',
    appFolder: '/js/Portal/Advertiser',
    launch: function () {
  7. Thanks, I will try that. So if I am applying this to a div id should I use renderTo or should I create empty markup for a select box?

    Thank you for your help, the triggerAction All seems to have...
  8. Is there a bug guys? Here is my updated code:

    var state_province = new Ext.form.ComboBox({
    allowBlank: false,
    applyTo: 'state_province',
    displayField: 'state_province',...
  9. Hi guys, still didn't work. I'll keep trying, but this is really delaying development and pretty ridiculous because I am following the documentation.
  10. Is there a way for me to do this without referencing a key string? Could I use fields: [1, 2]?
  11. Hey All, I simply cannot get my Combobox to populate. I have followed the documentation and to no avail it still does not work.

    Here is my component (it renders):

    var state_province = new...
  12. If I used FormPanel I would lose my original markup and have to have the DOM generate it... in this case I want to avoid that.
  13. Hey all here is my form code I am attaching to a form that is created through markup:

    var form = new Ext.form.BasicForm('register', {
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    Hey guys,

    I have switched from Aptana to Komodo Edit about a month ago and I can tell you I have never been happier. Aptana was slow as hell compared to Komodo and Komodo is an amazing IDE. It...
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    My license is for 3, where can I get the latest download? Will it no longer be available?
  16. Hi, do we still get a license for ExtJS4 if we purchased ExtJS3 before January 1st?
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    I say Eee Ex Tee Jay Es. If EXT is initially all CAPITAL then I pronounce it like so.
  18. Try Symfony. If you do it right you can configure it on a shared server; it truly is a wonderful framework. I have built an ExtJS application with it and it worked together beautifully. Symfony seems...
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    If I read it right, with one license I can develop on any machine as long as I am the developer? So I can develop at home and at work with a valid license?

  20. Sounds cool, I am interested in learning more about the MVC concept.
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    If your going to use many different languages go with Aptana 3, otherwise you could probably use Komodo.
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    @Christiand, I miss NetBeans :(. I cannot use it however because my primary flavors are ColdFusion and PHP nowadays. Komodo looks nice too guys.
  23. @Animal, I made an App with ExtJS like that but I was looking for a more proper approach. I guess I could do it that way again.

    @Screamy, yes DOJO's API is a little sketchy. I am still debating...
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    I am just curious, what IDE does everyone use for their development? I have been using Aptana because of its great plugins and interaction with Subversion. What about you all? ~o)
  25. Hi, @screamy yeah I was meaning dojo.require. We are using the Google API so I am familiar with their method of loading parts.

    I am starting to see ExtJs works well with namespaces for...
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