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    Oh so very much better. Thanks.
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    But... but... what about the migration path to Angular 2.0?
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    Hi pagullo. It is certainly excellent news that you are putting your time and effort into maintaining DJN. Thanks!

    It appears you have missed my post about using DJN wit Sencha Architect 3. If...
  4. I have an iframe that sits inside a tab loaded with content from the same domain as the surrounding content. My requirement is that the user scroll to the bottom of the iframe content before another...
  5. I commented a short time ago that I cannot call Ext JS a productive framework. Now I am hitting this too. Yep, the hoops I need to jump through are all explained in the other replies, but come on,...
  6. Isn't that always the way. You get fed up enough to post about a problem and the solution pops out of thin air. I found an extraneous case of "uses: Ext.Msg" - I guess that serves me right for...
  7. Well I am back in the same quagmire of disappointment again... blank screen, Ext.isReady is false.

    I don't have the empty controller file that seemed to be the cause of my problem last time and I...
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    Is it just me or has Trending threads disappeared from the from the main forum page. The constant appearence of this thread at the top of the list must have finally go to them.
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    This is great news, but I agree that it would be really helpful for everyone (you included) if this could be moved to somewhere that made collaboration easier. GitHub would be an excellent home - we...
  10. Hi cbazin. As stated in my previous post, in my case the apparent cause was an extraneous (and in my case empty) controller file - after I deleted that my application sprang back to life. I am...
  11. So I have code that scrolls just fine in isolation but when the same code is included in my larger application the scrolling simply stops functioning. Does anyone have an idea as to how I might go...
  12. The entire contents of the file was:

    Ext.define('myapp.controller.Main', {
    extend: ''

    I actually raised a support ticket (21325) shortly before I stumbled...
  13. If I save an application window containing tabs that do not scroll to the Toolbox and use it in a new project the tab panels do in fact scroll. This means there is an artefact somewhere in my...
  14. I do see that there are some working examples, e.g. the tabpanel examples in Kitchen Sink, and I have even constructed some of my own basic examples, but in a real application that has a complex UI...
  15. Are there any working examples of the new scrollable functionality in Ext JS 5.1?

    Every part of my application that requires it, and that was converted over by SA 3.2 no longer functions. The...
  16. I managed to track down what was causing the problem. I found an old file app/controller/Main.js that contained an empty Controller definition. After deleting this file the application fired up....
  17. Okay. After literally hours of trying various things I managed to track down what was causing the problem. I found an old file app/controller/Main.js that contained an empty Controller definition. ...
  18. SA on OS X

    In Project Settings, if I check "Overwrite index file on save" I am no longer able to "Save" the project settings; the Save button has no effect.

    Does this happen for...
  19. I should also mention that this occurs across Firefox (35.0.1), Chrome (39.0.2171.99) and Safari (8.0.3).

    The application ran just fine when saved with Architect 3.2 with Ext JS 5.1 prior to using...
  20. Some more details.

    I am using SA version on OS X 10.10.2 with cmd and Ext JS commercial

    All I get is a blank page and no errors showing in the debugger.
  21. I tried upgrading my Ext JS 5.0 app to 5.1 back when 5.1 was released but ran into problems.

    Now that we have Architect 3.2 with official support for Ext JS 5.1 I decided to give it another go and...
  22. For some inexplicable reason the recent Company Update post by 6 month Sencha CEO Art Landro is not coming up when you go to, here is the direct link to the posting in case you...
  23. Just as well iPads are no longer popular. I hear those iPhone 6's are starting to be seen in the wild.
  24. I am using Ext JS 5.0.1255 with SA and cmd

    I am finding that if I build my application for production the calculated model fields are not functioning in IE (have tested...
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    It will just fall naturally over time. It looks like there are a committed few that vote on every post so as to keep it in the trending list.
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