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  1. The "pressedButtons" doesn't exists inside the api doc and it doesn't work on latest version.

    Test case:

  2. Hello, there is a bug inside the reDraw method of Ext.ux.DataView.Animated .

    If you check the "init" method there is a check to test if dataview is rendered here:

    // Not yet rendered
  3. I agree with you... I don't know why Sencha does not setup this kind of release plan...
  4. I found the bugfix.

    Ext.define('App.bugfix.field.Text', {
  5. I see on Google Chrome the numberfield input text is always grey and it's caused by the class

    .x-android .x-empty .x-input-el { -webkit-text-fill-color: #a9a9a9; }

    indeed typing some value...
  6. It's a nightly build. You can find it there
  7. Thank you! I'm sorry I didn't see it before!
  8. Configure a selectfield with a simple store, let's say these values [1, 2, 3, 4, 5] and set as default value 1.

    Open the picker and scroll the slot to 2 and tap OK/Done.
    You will see the selected...
  9. (:| I've just realized it was already reported here:

    I'm sorry for duplicate... but I'm really drunk to fix a lot of issues on Extjs6 :(
  10. This is my bugfix:

    * Picker slot mask/bar z-index/rendering order
    .x-picker .x-picker-slot {
    z-index: 1;
  11. I found the problem is in the order you render the x-picker-bar.
    Comparing to picker from datepicker (which works) the .x-picker-mask div is before the dataview-items... in the selectfield it's...
  12. The picker mask/bar hides the selected value on iOS 8.x and Android 5 / Google Chrome & Stock browser

    Theme: triton (modern)

    This happens using a selectfield

  13. Any news about this bug? I'm using latest nightly build but it's still there...
  14. I'm testing the datepicker field in modern context.

    Problem 1 (Chrome and iOS):
    When I select the first column (month) the column of day will increase of 1 day every time I change the month.
  15. Tested with latest build..still there.
  16. I'm using native Android browser (not chrome)

    At the page you linked I read


    Safari 6+
  17. I'm trying to open your kitchensink (modern) with Android browser (Android 4.2.1) but I can see only a blank page. The same result for my app even with latest nightly build.

    Please, could you take...
  18. Hello,
    any news about Microsoft Edge support on sencha touch?

    I'm trying to test my apps and even kitchensink from examples but without success.

    Please help us to find a solution...
  19. Replies
    Nothing works (just trying to test the sencha kitchen sink) on Windows Edge! How can we fix this big issue on our apps?
  20. Please, could you give me the link of duplicate? I'd like to follow this issue. Thank you
  21. There is a bug when I edit some value on grid cell editor with a summery plugin.

    Browser: Chrome (Mac)
    ExtJS: 6.0 & 6.1

    Test Case:

    How to reproduce:...
  22. +1
    Please fix it ASAP!
  23. Just to let you know... the same problem with ExtJS 6.0.1

    Am I the only one on 1 million of extjs devs who need a working scrollbar? :-?
  24. Replies
    A workaround could be to override the default css (this works for small and medium sizes):

    .x-btn-icon-right > .x-btn-inner-default-small, .x-btn-icon-left > .x-btn-inner-default-small,...
  25. Same bug for me on v.
    Solved for now overriding 'Ext.grid.plugin.Editing' with defaultFieldUI: 'default'
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