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  1. I've found a solution. Instead of catching the 'deactivate' event on the tabPanelItem, I've coded that :

    wizard2view.jtabs.on('beforetabchange', function (tabPanel, e, tabPanelItem) {...
  2. I've tryed that but it was not a success :

    tab.on('deactivate', function(tabPanel, tabPanelItem) {
    if (!wizard2view.saveCurrentPropertiesGroup(, null)) {...
  3. Hi guys !

    I need to stop the propagation of the events if a condition is not satisfied when a tabPanelItem is deactivated.
    I use this code :

    tab.on('deactivate', function(tabPanel,...
  4. Replies
    I'm experiencing this problem too !!!

    Any suggestions ??
  5. Thanx a lot Animal !!
  6. Hi guys !

    I've spent a lot of time reading posts about the question of how render a Multiple Combobox select. What I mean by "Multiple Combobox select" is the equivalent of

  7. Hi all,

    I'm a newbie on the forum and i don't have a huge experience with ExtJS. I'm using the version 1.0.1 . I'm still in front of a strange problem. I try to explain it.
    When the user session...
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