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  1. Does anyone have an example of backbone integrated with extjs? I have a webpage that uses multiple nvd3 charts and have an extjs grid on the same page. The charts change much more often than the...
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    update: The setYConstraint issue is probably not a bug however I abandoned this approach and modified the thumb instead.
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    Thanks for the reply.

    How do you keep it constrained to the timeline component? I use setYConstraint and it jumps to the top of the page and will only travel along the top of the page. I have...
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    I am using a large transparent tooltip off a slider as a 'lens' on a timeline. Works pretty well except I don't know how to make the tooltip 'draggable' and remain useful as a 'lens'. Currently the...
  5. +1 for David and Ext.Mobile
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    Thanks Jay. First time I saw that I read it as 'New Post'.
    I like the new forum. It seems faster as well.
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    I've seen several requests for the old "see the newest posts" functionality but no replies. I miss that feature as well because it let me quickly find out what is new. I guess it was a resource hog?...
  8. Hey Barton, thanks for posting this link. I used to use this program a lot when I was working on windows machines. Now, I wish it worked on macs.
  9. Did you rule out putting extjs files in google gears? I think gears will stay around until html 5 is a full replacement.
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    Does anyone know the correct way to create a silverlight canvas in an extjs form using uxmedia2? or how to create a silverlight canvas in-line?

    Here is what I have tried:

  11. I would like to support the use of a comma in the inputValue of radio field (because google forms support them and I use their parser).

    How can I do it? This will work for the apostrophe in the...
  12. got it now, thanks!
  13. Forgot to mention the createDom function, its from an old thread of Jack's.

    Ext.DomHelper.createDom = function(spec){
    var div = document.createElement('div');
  14. ..still not working.

    theresponsehtml = '<div id="idwhichmustexist" class="testthis"> this is the html we want</div>';
    root = Ext.DomHelper.createDom({html:theresponsehtml}); ...
  15. I'm not catching on yet.
    root.child anything results in:

    TypeError: Result of expression 'root.child' [undefined] is not a function.

    and this code:

    theresponsehtml = '<div...
  16. I parse an xml file I have no control over. The xml has an html section. I want to get a div by id out of that html section.


    root = Ext.DomHelper.createDom({html:responsehtml});
  17. Nice one.
    Do you think this can be used to attach unique audio help files to individual tabs/buttons to augment the tooltips?

    This is going on my todo list.

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    Nice work Aaron, et. al.
    I agree with the comparisons to VB, those were exciting days when VBX became widespread.

    Pricing/Marketing is always tricky, good luck. This has probably all ready...
  19. a.) If there is a difference it is very hard to detect. This is very subjective but here is how I would rate the speed from fastest (1) to slowest (10)

    ext 2 w/o firebug = 1
    ext 3 w/o firebug = 2...
  20. It is weird. A site like this one: works really well on my computer in California but is slow on the developers local computer in Europe!

    Maybe it has...
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    jsgui has an easy to use interface. Is the code available?
  22. Make sure your firebug is up to date. I haven't seen slow loading in ext 3 since I upgraded firebug.

    ext3 is a subdirectory of ext2f. Here is the html to explain url in images.

  23. Here is how I can make dynamic form rendering slow using extjs 3.0 and firefox 3.5

    1. use ext-all-debug.js instead of ext-all.js
    2. have firebug open in the same window

    Even in this case, the...
  24. I previously thought 3.0 was slower at dynamic form rendering as well so I took a look at your code. (It isn't really an issue for me until 3.0 goes up on cachefly).

    Your code runs fine on ext 3.0...
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    You are right. The Key Feed reader is the best way to read Ajaxian but where are the list of hotkeys?
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