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  1. Oh, I'm very sorry, the correct filename is styles.scss instead of styles.saas
  2. Hi, I'm trying to add custom css to my project.

    "css": [{
    "path": "resources/css/app.css",
    "update": "delta"
    }, {
  3. For you guys, who deal with the same problem here the solution:

    As told above, buildPaths in app.json is no more used, so you can safely remove it.

    But now we have build.xml in the root...
  4. Also, there is no any references to "path" or something like this in that file.
    All "path" mentions are about .jar file paths which is obviously not what I need.

    Sorry, my english is not very...
  5. Hehe, it's not so obvious :)

    I found this in build-impl.xml:

    <target name="production">
    <property name="args.environment" value="production"/>

  6. I'm used it :(

    I'm using phonegap, and so, I want two separate builds for android and iOS.
    So I have this in app.json:

    "buildPaths": {
    "testing": "build/testing",
  7. Replies
    Hm, this doesn't help. The code in the if() just doesn't execute.
    My first thought that i miss cordova.js file.
    But I tried several ways to include cordova.js (via app.json and directly in...
  8. Works like a charm!

    This should be in docs, thank you very much!
  9. Hi,

    I'm trying to use localstorage proxy for my models, but for some reason after each page refresh I have empty data.
    I'm debuging in google chrome + ripple, and inside the "Storage" tab, I...
  10. Oooh!, I tried this before but just with "value" without slotName key.
    Thank you very much!
  11. Hi!
    I'm making an application whith "Preferences" page.
    User can set some settings than close application and after that, he can open preferences again.

    On that preferences page I have a...
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