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  1. Awesome it works!
    Well done guys - great job!
    I will keep you posted when we have finished our competition entry as this is what that was for ;-)
  2. If verifying means entering a credit card, receiving an sms then I could not say we have done that.

    I am not sure what 'registering for mobile' means in the doc you listed? So cant be sure thats...
  3. Thanks. That saves a lot of time our end. Waiting with anticipation! ;-)
  4. DEBUG: Transport.receive {"service":"GroupManager","sv":"0.7","msg":{"corr-id":2,"result":{"status":"error","error":{"code":"THIRD_PARTY_AUTH_ERROR","message":"Error during third party...
  5. And if we are using your hosting?
    I assume you mean use the url our app loads on in the 'App Domains' setting?
    What do we set if we choose to host it with you? Which we were going to...

  6. Nope - no sandbox mode!

    We were thinking it may be something to do with the "
    App Domains:" setting? Does this have to be a Sencha URL?
  7. Unless you login with a FaceBook developer account, it seems that we can not login with Sencha.IO using Facebook as the auth.

    The Sencha Touch IO app redirects to FaceBook ok (after pressing...
  8. This is shipped with invalid syntax.
    I removed
    != null from line 41of _gradients.scss which does not appear to be valid SASS syntax.

    This fixed the problem, and compass compile ran
  9. Ran from SDK directory:

    Ran (after making simple change to resources/sass/app.scss):

  10. Sencha Command v2.0.0 Beta 3
  11. I am using the same versions on Mac and out of the box get the following errors:

    Ashleys-MacBook-Air:sass ashleycoker$ compass compile
    error app.scss (Line 41 of _gradients.scss: Invalid...
  12. It was because the isValid() call on the records in question was failing due to the fact that the validations defined in the model were not met.

    validations: [ { field:...
  13. I am using ExtJs version 4..0.6
  14. I have successfully added an object (not model instance) to a store and it appears in the grid that is bound to the store. However, then calling sync() on the store does not send a create command to...
  15. We are implementing server side functionality for extjs trees. The tree is displayed using a Ext.tree.Panel and a store. We are using drag and drop functionality by specifying
  16. This is the source of my entire app - the HBox layout wont span the entire screen - annoying...?!

    new Ext.Application({

    launch: function() {
    var panel;
    var homeToolbar;...
  17. Replies
    // Global Ajax events can be handled on every request!

    Ext.Ajax.on('beforerequest', function(conn, options){
    if(this.progressCount == 0 ||...
  18. I have tried this but I still get the same result:

    var config = {
    items : [{
    xtype: 'propertygrid2',
    itemId: 'propGrid',
  19. I thought I had set the scope?
    Could the button code be written differently?
  20. Maybe I will change the implementation later but my original question still stands which is am I doing something wrong with the passed iPropertyId to cause the value to be fixed even if I change...
  21. I have tried defining iPropertyId inside initComponent and also inside the config but I still cannot change the value of it after it is instantiated, i.e. It is set inside the loadConfig() function...
  22. I am extending a Panel and inside this panel I have a propertygrid but my problem is simpler than that. I create a new instance of my custom object type, and pass in an id as a parameter as follows:...
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    I have a tree and wanted to change the style of it so that our application looks clearer, as we use the tree for navigation between sections of the software.

    How can I change the indentation of...
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