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  1. I figured as much. I'm most definitely able to faithfully reproduce this issue by simply switching between using null and undefined, on that one single line in my code base, so I'm not sure what's...
  2. Is it possible you're using a newer build of 2.2.0 than the latest publicly available one ( that I'm using?
  3. In IE 10 only, setting load mask message to null displays 'null' instead of no text. Null correctly displays no text in all other supported browsers.

  4. Since there hasn't been a public or subscriber patch release since this was marked as fixed I'm guessing that means it's fixed in the nightly builds that subscribers have access to? Not a huge rush...
  5. Thanks!
  6. Thank you. Any chance you could provide a copy of the full commented source version of microloader/production.js that was intended to ship with 2.2.0 as a workaround for the time being?
  7. The source of microloader/production.js is minified/obfuscated in 2.2.0. I believe this is unintentional as it is not in 2.1.1. In past new major releases I've seen this same issue, where it comes...
  8. Previously, in version 2.1.0 the comments in say, client/touch/resources/css-debug/sencha-touch.css, for example, looked like this:

    /* line 3,...
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    FYI, it's back with login/commenting capabilities now.
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    If you look carefully, you'll notice that while they are now working, you cannot login or post comments. Based on the previous error message, I'm guessing someone at Sencha pulled this functionality...
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    touch docs not working either, same error
  12. You're absolutely right Don. I should have noticed that based on the fact it was complaining about line 10, which is where the reader is defined. Replacing an implicit reader type of json with an...
  13. Just to make sure we are all on the same page I can confirm that it seems this error can be safely ignored as a workaround, as Don suggests, as my production build seems to be working just fine.
  14. Oleg, I believe Don was asking you to try explicitly specifying a proxy type, like you see in my code in the attachment. But based on my experience I don't think this resolves the compilation error.
  15. Ugh, I posted in a premium forum. Based on this experience, as a premium support subscriber, I question the value of the premium forums. I don't mind paying what I pay for the other benefits at all,...
  16. Don, I don't think explicitly specifying a type resolves this error, please see my thread below, thanks.
  17. Hi,

    For some reason I can't seem to get the controller's control config to wire up events. Below is some simple test code that reproduces my issue. If I comment out the control config & uncomment...
  18. Thanks for your reply Mitchell.

    Any chance microloader deltas via server for update instead of app store updates, as I described above, might be on the Road Map as a 2nd non-default option for...
  19. Hi,

    Seeing as Native Packaging is described as "providing a way to seamlessly 'wrap' your web app in a native shell" I'm hoping I'd only have to deal with App Store based app updates when Sencha's...
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