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  1. When in property grid is some property item set for ex. to combobox, and you change value from list in combo, but you do not click other property item (so combo is stil focused), the...
  2. It is ExtJs 4.x
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    Hi all!

    I found problem with charts, if you display chart with some data from store and then you use Array()) (to load empty data) chart markers are removed but lines...
  4. I found in sencha api doc function setZoom and resetZoom, i try to use it manually and it works, but is there any example which will work as "mouse interaction" with chart?
    In API is some example...
  5. Hi all great coders!

    I have essential problem with SVG images while displaying it as treenode icon in Treepanel.
    Problem is in resize of SVG. I have SVG 200x200px in size and I want to show it as...
  6. i look forward to it
  7. Hi developers,

    I firstly thank you for Sencha 2.0 - great work,
    My question is, is some simple way to have readOnly form field?

    There is only disabled property which dimms the fields, but I...
  8. Grid filter example at has column named 'date' defined in store, filter and header, but this grid column isn't...
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