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  1. @Tony

    Nice work. Could you share the code for the improved indentation? Would be nice.

    An issue I ran into:
    When using a renderer function an error is raised in this function when grouping on...
  2. @TonyBones

    appologies. the groupTextTpl contains {text} : {group} by default
    in my implementation i had overridden this with {text} ({[]}) in an extention of the view.

  3. @TonyBones,

    I am getting the groupfield name as a groupvalue instead of the groupfields value.
    can you help me out here?

    Thanks and regards,
  4. Replies

    i've added the 'average' summaryType option so the plugin can be combined with the groupsummary plugin.

    getTotals: function() {
    switch (columns[c].summaryType) {
  5. The setValue of the Ext.form.CheckboxGroup does not call the superclass function setValue. I don't know if that is explicitly done like that but after overriding the setValue of checkboxgroup I ...
  6. Hi,

    I am overriding the setValue function on a field so it will fire the change event. It works like a charm execept when I load a record into the form. The original setValue function is executed...
  7. Hi,

    I want to use an HttpProxy in a store to do transactions and call an action with a specific record.
    Something like this:

    var store = new{
    proxy: {api: { cancelEdit:...
  8. Replies
    Hi Shea,

    Great work. Should be in the product I think.
    One of the items in my tabpanel is a list.
    The plugin fails on this item because it doesn't have a getLayout method.
    Should I put a panel...
  9. Ok, example:

  10. Could you open this up again as I'm havingthis problem also using an Ext.DomQuery with :nth-child selection optino\:

    viewentry = q.selectNode('viewentry:nth-child(' + firstRecord + ')', dxl);
  11. @saki,

    I need a little diffferent logic in the subject filtering of the bus.
    The subject contains this logic:...
  12. Another option might be using the push event. When a normal field is edited the change event is fired. From an html editor the push events updates the corresponding textarea. (on every keystroke...
  13. Thank you Nigel,

    it's all working with intercepting the render function and not in initComponent:

    render: Ext.Container.prototype.render.createInterceptor(function(){
  14. Well so far so good. The code is working and the only question remaining is how to overcome the problem that Nigel and Josef are referring to on overriding the event. Is there a better way to make...
  15. @jsakalos

    Thank you. Getting closer now. :). this works like a charm for initComponent, the msgbus plugin is added.

    The constructor however does not get the listener 'afterrender' added. It...
  16. Ext.override(Ext.Container, {
    // constructor
    constructor: function(config){
    // parent constructor call pre-processing - configure listeners here
    config = config || {};
  17. Hi Nigel,

    My goal is to have a msgbus on all my components / widgets.


    listview widget throws messages like this.publish(subject : 'bob.list.selectionchange', message: {data:...
  18. @jsakalos

    This is what i've got so far but i'm getting an error in the renderall function of ext-all-debug :

    items is undefined at:

    var items = ct.items.items, i, c, len = items.length; ...
  19. Hi,


    I'm trying to get the msgbus added to all components and add initial subscriptions to the bus for each component.
    This way a component can publish a message without having knowledge...
  20. Hi,

    I'm searching for a way to use the GroupingView grid in the UIView class instead of the standard gridpanel now provided with Ext.nd.

    Is it possible to override the grid with the...
  21. it's Ext.nd beta 3.... and Ext 3.0
  22. I don't use the setup with a domino-page and the html section, I just serve up normal html files stored as attachment in a notesdocument as I really hate the way Domino ios generating HTML. In the...
  23. Hi Jack,

    Thank you for your reply.

    The error from from firebug:

    Ext.nd.currentUIDocument is undefined
    anonymous(Object tId=2 status=200 statusText=OK)extnd-al...-debug.js (regel 5299)...
  24. Hi there,

    I am getting an error when creating a UIView with an ShowActionbar set to true.
    The error occurs on line 5299 where the class presumes the presence of a UIDocument. That is not there...
  25. Hi Jack,

    Thank you for your swift response.
    This does work but I have two questions:

    1. You moved the creation of the uiview to within the viewport definition. Does this mean it is the only...
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