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  1. I just found a workaround...

    In the CSS file, add the following:

    .x-form-display-field-default {
    height: auto;
    min-height: 24px;
  2. This simple example works fine in Ext JS 4, but not in Ext JS 5.

    Fiddle example:

    The large label is overlapping with the field bellow.

  3. Did you found why?

    I wonder the same. I'm using "application/json" because it seems to be the standard, but the ExtJS examples are using "application/x-json"... I'm sure there is a good reason,...
  4. URL validation (vtype) do not allow "http://localhost/" as a valid URL.

    I think the vtype ensure that the URL contains a dot in the host name, which is not a valid rule. According to Wikipedia, a...
  5. This bug is a real issue for windows that contains form. When the window is shown more than once, the new opened window screwed-up the values of the form of all the other windows.

    I found a quite...
  6. Ext.form.CheckboxManager must be an instance of the form instead of a singleton.
    If two forms has one checkbox group each, of the same name, setting the values of one also change the values of the...

    Ext version tested:


    Browser versions tested against:
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    I developed my own version of EditArea Field. It's quite stable, it can takes the full window width, handle setValue and getValue. It simply extends TextArea Field and should allow you to...
  9. Thanks Condor! It is so simple! Your posts are still useful even move than 2 years later!!
  10. Thanks, I like this one. No ExtJS hacking, no javascript override, no one is fooled. It's simple and it works.
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    I found a bug in the calculation of the height of tooltip's title.

    When the title is larger than the html content, it assign a larger height, even if there is enough space to display the...
  12. Ext.grid.column.Action (actioncolumn) ignore the default attributes.

    defaults: {
    iconCls: 'grid-icon' // This is ignored
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    Sandy, you can use the iconCls to add a CSS class to be to the image, to add some margin for example. You still have to provide a icon attribute (bug?). Try something like:

  14. I'm using ExtJS 4 and I'm trying to make a tooltip that stay there when the mouse goes over the tooltip itself. I want to put links on it, or allow the user to copy text from it.

    I found this...
  15. I just notice this "bug" in Ext.form.DateField in ExtJS 3.

    When I call setDisabledDates (or setDisabledDays, and possibly other similar methods), the validate method is not called.

    A date that...
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    The method getValue() return a date object. You can format it as you want. This is very useful when you want the date to be display in a certain format in the form, but store in a different format.
  17. I have a window, configured with shadow: true and constrainHeader: true (also occur with constrain: true). When I resize the browser window, the constrain do not occur, so I can lose the Ext window....
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