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  1. Tree expand and Search

    Please see my requirements as below :

    Consider am having 5 nodes. Each node contains 3 hierarchical level. If we expand a...
  2. I hope the defer function is not a good option for expanding all the nodes. It will slow down the browser.
    I am too facing a different issue while expanding all the nodes.

    Please see my...
  3. wats the final result of this bug... i too dont want to fire change event when i call setValue function.
  4. Hi All,

    Still am having the same issue.
    My Question here is If i set autoLoad =false, i don't want load the store.
    I want to load the store in a particluar function. Example when i click on a...
  5. Hi,

    in your website mentioned as your component column will be used only in small grid where performance is not an issue. Small grid means can you tell me the exact count of records it may...
  6. @skirtle thanks a lot. it works fine.
    I am expecting the tree column which supports different renderer. Please see the earlier post.
  7. Hi,

    I tried using the component column something like this in my code

    columns: [
    xtype: 'componentcolumn',
  8. Hi

    It looks good. But i need something different. The same component column that watn to be available in tree column. I want a something like this.
    xtype : 'treecolumn',
  9. Hi,

    I am new to Ext JS. Now my requirement is I need to create a combo box renderer in tree column. I am searching in net. there is no proper solution available.

    There are some editors...
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    Is there way to create inline combo box renderer in tree column some thing like this
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    I need a tree panel like this. the tree column must have a combo box . And i created the combo box in a different manner.
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