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  1. Hello tyro, ollyando, did you have any success with this?
  2. I know it is the GTX forum, i only gave that example because it is easy to reach and public... I am trying to be as "on topic" as i can.
    Yes, i do believe &nbsp replacement is the solution, but i...
  3. ext-3.0.0/examples/grid/array-grid.html

    If you go into the file and put like 12 consecutive blanks in the description (Amer ____________ ican Express Company',).
    I tried changing from firebug and...
  4. Thank you for your quick reply sven! Butl, as stated above, that doesn't work for me. I don't understand why. The multiple blanks still get converted to a single blank.
  5. Hello, i would like to add a wrap for ALL cells in the grid so using a renderer is not a solution for me. I have 12 grids with more than 14 columns each.

    I need to fix the problem with css but...
  6. Thank you all!
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    Funny how it takes 4 hours with no result during the evening and 5 minutes with success during the morning :)

    I found the error message in qtip in dom.

    for (var i = 0; i <...
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    Hello, is there a way to reach the activeError for a field in Ext 3.0 ?

    In Ext 3.2 is easy ...If i have a field i can use this.activeError, or for a form i can go to items[x] and get active error....
  9. Hello, the problem is partially solved as follows:

    In the "createLayout" function posted above i have added this line at the end:

    this.actionPanel.body.on("scroll", function() {
  10. I have noticed something new:

    Using the contentEl:'html ID' property, after the panels would scroll on top of their own content, if I hovered my mouse above the content it would jump into place...
  11. .NET + Extjs Ext3.0 OR Ext 3.2 (i have the same problem in both versions)
    windows XP x32

    Hello, i am dinamically rendering a couple of panels inside a west panel (in a border layout). Inside...
  12. I have managed to create the new rule:

    maxSpan = 5; // in my case this is sent by the server

    var targetHeaderIndex = parseInt((columnIndex - 1) / maxSpan + 1);
    var targetHeaderStart =...
  13. Hello, i am using a grid with grouped headers, cellSelectionModel and D&D support for dragging Field values from a Form to Grid Cells. I want to create a rule that would not allow the drop of a value...
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    Hello, if it is easy creating a CellFieldDropZone, how about creating a CellFieldDragZone?
    I am trying to enable drag and drop of Cells within a single Grid. I am having trouble setting the drop...
  15. I have managed to make it work in a much simpler way:

    I am using strings to send through json BOTHways and then convert it to date.

    For Extjs i use:

    function castToDate(v, format){
  16. Hello, i am trying to correctly visualize datetime fields received from .NET through JSON. I have tried different methods from different blogposts, forums etc. but to no avail.
    The closest i got was...
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    Tested on Ext 3.0.3. It only has the added functions, no params.

    Works on custom example from forms.

    Ext.ns('Ext.ux.form'); = Ext.extend(Ext.form.TwinTriggerField, {
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    @ extjs_new

    If you need this for all fields, not only those with allowblank=false then use this:

    Ext.override(Ext.form.TextField, {
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