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  1. Thanks you!
    That post pointed me in the right direction..

    I had an parent that extended from Ext.form.formPanel. Overlooked that for days.

    Seems like copy pasting is not always the fastest...
  2. Thank you for re-factoring the code. Really appreciate that. Looks like its now being used like it used to.

    But the problem still occurs. I know a little more about the bug now.

    Let me...
  3. Somebody that could push me in the right direction?

    What could cause the body to be empty?

    EDIT: Bug is only in chrome..
  4. Hello forum,

    I am working on a panel that needs to have a date-range form. The date-range form already works as expected in other parts of my app. The problem is when I want to use it in another...
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    Already fixed it:

    { type: 'vbox', pack: 'start', align: 'stretch' },
    items: [{
    title: 'Select date range',
    style: 'padding: 5px',
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    I have 2 panels underneath of each other. What I am trying to achieve is a layout where, panel 1 is set to a fixed height. panel 2 has to stretch to the remaining space. Tried many setups...
  7. Wrong category
  8. FYI:
    Also occurs in Chrome, using version 18.0.1025.162 m.
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