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  1. Can you suggest syntax for a "pure javascript method to format numbers"?
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    I'd like to try out the touch infinite grid. The documentation seems to be missing/lacking?!/api/Ext.grid.infinite.Grid

    The xtype on the doc is "grid, grid"?...
  3. I have upgraded to 4.2 and this issue is not fixed :(
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    My MVC solution is to have an afterrender event on a grid to load dynamic columns, dynamic fields, and dynamic data/store.

    onGridAfterRender: function(abstractcomponent, options) {
    var grid =...
  5. I have a lot of views. I'd like to organize the views in sub folders under the view folder. Is this possible in Architect? I saw posts discussing modules and multiple projects. I just need simple...
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    The Card API doc suggests

    // A complete wizard implementation could get pretty sophisticated depending on the complexity required, and should probably be done as a subclass of CardLayout in a...
  7. In the request in my jsp the array value is a string object "[object Object]", not an object array/list like I would hope it to be. Any thoughts?
  8. The syntax I used to populate the array is.

    var selectedIdentifiers = [];

    Now I need to submit this array...
  9. I'm attempting to dynamically add objects to an array. My code looks something like this.

    Ext.regModel('Identifier', {
    fields: [
    {name: 'relatedTypeId', type: 'int'},
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    I was able to resolve this issue by using "new" to create the FieldSet instead of declaring it with 'xtype'.

    var buttonFieldSet = new Ext.form.FieldSet({
    items: []

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    I'm attempting to dynamically add an item to a fieldset. I get the script error "Uncaught TypeError: Object #<Object> has no method 'add'" when I do so. I get a similar error if I try to call the...
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    To take this one step forward, here is the code to put a label on the same line as the radio options.

    var typeFieldSet = {
    xtype: 'fieldset',
    layout : {
  13. I too need a GXT WYSIWYG editor
  14. I had to do a hack to make this work. I added arrows to sort the items in the select list. See attachment.
    I did this awhile ago so pardon me if this example is not complete.

  15. The solution for this is:

    Even without type ahead the list is filtered as I desire. I can't see the point of ever using setTypeAhead(true);
  16. Thanks for the tip. However, this does not work as I would expect. For example if I have some names in my list "Dave Lastname", "George Anothername", "Pete Thirdname". If I type "a" and pause for...
  17. My ListStore contains full names (i.e. John Doe). I want type ahead to match not only on first name, but on last name as well. This is the behavior of GWT SuggestBox.

    Is there a setter that I...
  18. Let me try a different angle. Do you have an example, or know how to have two drop zones on the same grid?
  19. I looked closer at the examples. Example two is similar to what I want to do. It allows rows from grid 1 to be moved to grid 2 and allows for grid 2 to be reordered. It does not allow rows to be...
  20. All of the samples that your link pointed to are not relevant to my problem. Any suggestions? The drag and drop between grids works fine. The drag and drop within the same grid to reorder does not...
  21. I get the circle with the red line through it when trying to move a row within a grid. Drag and drop is not enabled within the grid. If there is a solution I did not find it in my search. Please...
  22. I have two grids that can drag and drop rows between them. I also want to be able to drag and drop to reorder the rows within the grid. I really only want to change row order in grid 2. Here is my...
  23. I believe that I've solved my over nesting fetish; the grids still don't take up the full height.

    grid1 = new Ext.grid.GridPanel({
    columnWidth: .5,

    grid2 = new...
  24. I tried removing the region statements from my grid and using column layout. Here is my code.

    var viewport = new Ext.Viewport({
  25. I have two grids that I want to evenly share my center pane. I do not have an east or west, but I do have a north. The grids need to auto adjust when the browser resizes. The grids need to take up...
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