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  1. Thanks for your response. This is a native app not a web app. I already have xcode but it only shows the device console which does not show any js errors only what the OS is seeing.
  2. Hello,

    I have built my native app using command line. The mobile web version loads up in mobile safari and chrome with out issue. However when I package the app and load it on the iphone and...
  3. Mitchell,

    Thanks for writing back.we unfortunately have no other option but to use iframes. Out mobile site as well as out native app both have external links to privacy policies and other...
  4. hello all. to show external urls I am taking a panel and dynamically adding an iframe tag as the html value. However if the child page has a no script tag it is showing the content. How can we show a...
  5. If you no longer support can I advise you to take down as you still have this up!!!!

    Also reading your info on cmd you have to have 2.01. As I mentioned...
  6. Hello all,

    I am trying to get my native app packaged. I am using Architect 2 and have SDK Tools 2 beta 3.

    I have my certificates, the android build and the touch sdk. The packaging.json...
  7. that opens the url in the webview we need it to send a request to the browser app installed on the mobile device.
  8. Hello all,

    we are building both a mobile web and an app with touch 2. we have certain legal links we need to open in a new browser. this is easy in the mobile web, but how do we do cross OS code...
  9. thanks thats a big help.
  10. Hello all im having an issue with the SliderField in touch 2. When I am done with the drag, the slider fires the change event, however the newValue passed in the argument does not contain the new...
  11. we are using itemId instead as we have multiple instances. Also I tried using a custom attribute like name = planNavBtn and in the code changed the query to ('button[name=planNavBtn]')
  12. hello all. I have a option button that appears on all screens (8 screens total). once the data comes back from the proxy I want to update the button label and the icon src. How do you do a component...
  13. Hi all,

    we are having a random problem where when a user opens out settings screen and cancels out we redirect the user back to the route representing the referring page. However the issue is the...
  14. Hello all.

    I have a list view and when the user clicks on a leaf I want the browser to open a new window with the specified url. I tried but I must be doing it wrong, and could not...
  15. Hi Mitchell,

    thanks for writing back. The code is from Architect 2.0. My coworker created the navigation view t address passing a two part log in.She had to do an override as Architect would not...
  16. Hello all,

    I am having a problem where the tap event on my button s not firing in my navigation view.

    Ext.define('Mobile.view.override.AppStartView', {
  17. Hello all,

    I have a question about doing updates. Is it possible with Touch 2 to at run time pull down new code and resources in to the app. For example say we need to revise the css, or some...
  18. anyone?

    Also we know you can't drop and drop charts and will need to do an override or a resource, it would be nice to have a tutorial that will address doing a basic pie chart via architect.
  19. hello all I need help I am using the basic pie sample code from the docs site and it is erroring out. what am I doing wrong.

    here is my index.html

    <!DOCTYPE html><html>
  20. Hello all,

    I need some help with charting. I know architect does not residently support charts. I am taking a container, making and override and using the code form...
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    they dont have an open ide like eclipse, dream weaver or visual studio. Sencha limits where you can code in the case of an event listener and the resulting function call you can only edit inside the...
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    thanks for writing back. I am doing this with Architect so its pushing in the event code. however if I put a breakpoint on the event listener activeitemchange, it never gets fired.

    I have tried...
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    Hello all,

    had a quick question. I want to fire an event when the user slide from card one to card two on a carousel. I saw in Touch 1 there was a cardswitch event, but don't even see it listed in...
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    problem is I am using architect and you are limited to how Sencha says to use the event listener and the resulting function. I tried moving the listener and the function to the controller but still...
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    I tried moving the function and the vent to the controller but still its not being called. Can you confirm the event is fired when the user clicks on the button on the tab panel?


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