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  1. I got into the same problem and i solved it by using the initialConfig property to set the waitMsgTarget: true.


    CW.form.MyForm = Ext.extend(Ext.form.FormPanel, {
  2. what happens is that in case of an action.submit the response might not be a valid json from various reasons like an internal server error. Because there json decoding of the response is not in a try...
  3. There is a newer thread about this issue here:
  4. I've already started another thread with the same issue: [2.0.2] TreePanel with JSON TreeLoader doesnt work if a child has expanded: true

    You can find pasted code there, or you can just take the...
  5. Hi,

    I'm trying to use the TreePanel similar with the one in API Docs.
    The TreePanel has a TreeLoader, a root which is not displayed and children nodes specified directly in the config.
  6. Probably they dont complain because the scripts are loaded from cache. I have an online web application using ext-js 0.33 and nobody compains about the speed. It takes awhile when i change the...
  7. How could this slow down the dev process (as in Development Process)? Do you mean slowing down the loading of the pages?

    How do you load the js on demand?
  8. Hi Luca.
    For a medium size project i think your approach is the best one so far. However I believe that its possible to avoid sending raw HTML code and script in the ajax response. of course this...
  9. Hello everybody,
    Its been awhile since my last post on these forums. I'm raising a question to which i haven't found an answer on the forums yet.

    Looking on the API viewer for the ext 2.0 i...
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    on yui-ext 0.33 - on IE its this bug
    on ext-1.0-alpha1 - everything works ok on IE and FF
    on ext-1.1 - everything works ok on both IE and FF.
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    To test this issue I've edited the examples from the dialog folder: layout.html & layout.js

    in layout.html i added to the center tab a select and added a new center tab with a select inside:

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    This problem was also in the version pre 1.0-alpha1, however in aplha1 this was fixed. The combo boxes disappear from the dialog and the webpage only in IE. In FF there was no issue.

  13. I'm curious how do you refresh the page?
    If you right click the iframe area and then choose reload from the context menu then the iframe will be refreshed only (in IE).

    If you click the iframe...
  14. i've found a solution. this one i think is the right one for .33 yui-ext version

    lets say we have the following BorderLayout:

    var layout = new YAHOO.ext.BorderLayout('main-layout', {
  15. Kapil,

    from the code posted above i see that you are using ext version .33 or .40. anyway its not the latest version. in those version hideTabs property is not available. hideTabs its ignored.
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    humpdi, the current documentation indeed lacks the config options for different elements.

    here is the documentation for the yui-ext 0.40 alpha:...
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    Try using: mon instead of on:

    this._element.mon ( "mousedown", this.OnStartDrag, this );
    this._element.mon ( "mouseup", this.OnEndDrag, this );

    The difference between mon and on...
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    yes, you have to work with the grid data model.

    Depending on the data model type there are various ways of refreshing the grid content.

    With DefaultDataModel you recreate the array and then...
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    If you want to group checkboxes in a page you need to specify the same NAME but different IDs for each of them.

    I've made a simple widget called CheckboxList, see the code below.
    The contructor...
  20. so when your dialog appears (after calling the show() method) the IFRAME is empty? this is what you are saying?

    if this is the behaviors then probably you should update the SRC of your iframe...
  21. that bug was fixed
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    hi jack,

    you are right, i got to modify the prototype on the DP BEFORE is used. This works and this is what i'm currently doing. But i think it shouldn't work like this.

    i've got the code now...
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    Hi Jack,

    yes, i tried that but it doesn't affect the days initials in the "Calendar". when the calendar is build i remember that you take the first letter from the day names. that constructor is...
  24. the best way is accesing the HTMLElement, i think its the only way.

    find the HTMLElement and get its value, or if its checked

    var field1_value = getEl('field1').dom.value;
    // in case of...
  25. Hi all,

    I have a JsonView similar with the one from jack's image chooser example.
    A node in my JsonView is a div wrapping an image to which i suply a url as SRC.
    All these nodes (DIVs) have...
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