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  1. Hello all,

    So i got the JSON paging grid created but i am having a issue with the PagingLoadResultBean. This class is being throws as not found at runtime. Im on GXT 3.0.1 and i have inherited...
  2. Colin, You're right RPC is not a good idea here, I'll try a JSON webservice and communicate via HTTPProxy. The Server will do it's Thing and the Client will use the JSON string that Comes from the...
  3. Hello,
    I am trying to get to grips with a JSON Paging grid. I have taken the basic JSON grid example as a starting point.

    I have standard POJO domain objects on the server that map to my...
  4. Hi Colin, thanks for your Response.

    What about breaking changes in the jump from Version 3.x to 4.0, do you envision the change to be smoother than 2.x to 3.0.

    Based on what you currently know,...
  5. Hello Folks,
    We are evaluated several frameworks for a complex RIA and are considering using GXT. One of our requirements is that the application work with PC browsers and tablets.
    We know that...
  6. Sven,

    Sorry for the late reply and thanks for you help ill give that a go


  7. Sven,

    I expect the form labels, padding etc to be shown but i cant get this working

  8. Hi Sven,

    I rarely use layouts like anchor layout or percentage sizing for form fields so resize may not be a big issue.

    Do you have any code snippet or examples where this is acheived?

  9. Hey folks,
    I heard Darrell Meyer talk about how its not good practice to use containers for the layout of complex forms as it is very slow, instead use HTML fragments!

    I often work with complex...
  10. Hey folks, i saw the video by darrell about Best practices fromm last years senchaCon. I have since been trying to create forms that will be build using html fragments instead of layout containers. ...
  11. I assume that seen as we cannot see the code for your column model initGridColumnModel(), that you have defined editors for each of the columns in your grid.

    If not then you need to define the...
  12. yeah add it to your .gwt.xml file
  13. By default the src should be put into a package called client not base however the 2nd error is telling you this as it says it cannot find the src.

    You can declare extra source locations by doing...
  14. also the gwt.xml file should be on the same level as the client package not inside it
  15. Your screen shot is quite hard to read but i seems that your project is called differently from your gwt.xml file.

    As i under stand it your XML file must be the same name as your project so...
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    I have also updated a project from M2 To M3 however the default folders were fine without modifcation. The leaf nodes however were not as the method
    setLeafIconStyle has now it seems been replaced...
  17. No i dont have it in the client package. Following examples in the book i have put my bean class in a package called "data". modified the Xml to recognise the new package etc.
  18. Developing with Ext GWT: Enterprise RIA Development
  19. yes i did, when i noticed i posted it in the correct forum however didnt know how to cancel close this thread.
  20. I decided to try and implement BeanmodelTag and changed my party class to the following

  21. Hey folks im going through gslenders book and im having trouble with bean model classes and compling my application. i have a simple bean party and i have the interface extending beanmodelmarker.
  22. Hey folks im going through gslenders book and im having trouble with bean model classes and compling my application. i have a simple bean party and i have the interface extending beanmodelmarker.
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    Hey folks,

    I'm totally new to the Ext Gwt scene and have begun to migrate off of Gwt Ext. To learn i decided to recreate an application using Ext gwt and im really struggling. It seems that...
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    ah i see, hopefully that will come in later versions then. oh well ill keep at it, thanks
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    Hey folks, got a toolbar that im trying to add a checkbox to. there are methods to help to this but they dont provide an insert at a specific index. i dont want my checkbox last on the toolbar i...
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