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  1. Hi Doug,

    The paging store what you are using needs some corrections, like after inserting or removing records , rebuidindexmap should be done and also few other things. Please follow the paging...
  2. Thanks aghextjs and elvisharcher for your time in making me to understand the problems. Seriously it saved lot of my time.
  3. Hi Elvisharcher, thanks for your comment.

    We have used the same logic that you have provided. Added applyPaging() in filterBy() method. The problem is solved with showing the number of records...
  4. Thanks for your early reply. It worked. But still facing problem with paging number updated in paging toolbar when filter applied.
  5. Hi,
    I am successful in making pagination work. Filters are added using extension Ext.ux.grid.FilterFeatures.js. When we enter value in filter textfield, filters are not getting applied.

    As you...
  6. Thanks so much. Atleast with this example im half way through.
  7. 47113

    This is how i need grouping in grid.
  8. I need 3 level row grouping. This example has only 1 level grouping.
  9. Hi,

    I want the multilevel row grouping in grid as below.

    -------------------------------------------| | | | 4 | | | 2 ...
  10. Pagination is working fine without filters. If I apply filters pagination is breaking. Individually both are working, if added 2 features, then pagination is breaking.

    local:true for filters is...
  11. filters working if using Paging Store by defining as below, but pagination is not working. All records are shown in all pages.

    var filters = {
  12. Hi,

    I have tried using this local paging store. But it is not working as expected. Can you please provide me a sample working example.
    I am dynamically loading the store using store.loadData....
  13. Thanks for your early reply.

    If I insert a record to the grid, how will this local paging gets updated. Please help me.
  14. If I insert a record to the grid, how will this local paging gets updated. Please help me
  15. Hi,

    I am a newbie to EXTJS. Can someone please help me in providing or directing me to an example of how to work pagination in grid with local/inline data.

    Thanks in advance
  16. Thanks a lot it worked.
  17. I want to add a link in the column header of a grid. so want ot customize the column header with tpl.
  18. Hi,

    Can some one please help me in customizing the grid header. I would like to add few links in the header and perform some actions to that.

    Any help is appreciated.

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