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  1. Placing a toogle field in grid which extends Ext.ux.touchgridpanel

    I had created grid view using Ext.ux.TouchGridPanel and i need to show a toggle field in one of the column.

    i wrote the xtype as toggle field

    header: "Subscription",
  2. Hi tomalex, I am...

    Hi tomalex,

    I am trying to login into the Login Page but it is showing me login Failed alert.
    I gave the same user name and pwd which u gave.

    Username : test...
  3. unable to call pop-up image function

    Thax for the quick reply...

    can you let me know how to call this function on click of text in html.
    I am able to call javascript method on click and showing alert message. But, i am unable to...
  4. Unable to call POP-UP image function from Html code


    Firstly, I would like to introduce myself. I am new to the application frame work in sencha and JS.

    Acutally i have to pop an image on click of the text. I checked some of the same codes...
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    Placing grid view in the kitchen sink

    Actually i am new to the application frame work in sencha and i dont
    know much about JS. I have requirement in my project similar to gird view in kitchen sick. when i click on a it shoud...
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    On Click event on html page in carusel card

    I had loaded html page into carousel card which contains mutiple hyperlink images. After loading into the carousel card the hyperink is not working. The link works fine when i open the html...
  7. Multiple images on one page of carousel

    Hi Slngr,

    I to have the same requirement and I am new to sencha. If you have resolved this problem.

    Can you please help me with sample code. Awaiting for +ve reply.

    Thanks in advance.
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