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    Fair corrections - pls focus on the issues?

    Thanks for the correction - I did some looking, but did not look there. - 1.1.1 had been on the general download page for as long as I remember..

    The comment was in reference to the Wikipedia...
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    I'd love not to get involved

    I would love not to be involved, but as far as I can see

    - There has been no response to any plans to revert to LGPL
    - Version 1.1.1 has been removed from the web site

    If I've missed...
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    Talking Forking

    I've started blogging about a fork plan

    Not sure if this post will last here... - but let's see how it goes..
  4. This I would have to say is absolute rubbish. ...

    This I would have to say is absolute rubbish.

    I have a database library that escape data to prevent SQL injection, and has to be 'forced' not to escape data. making locating potential SQL...
  5. htmlencode? - really handle all escaping?

    I'm not sure if htmlEncode is a vaild way of doing html encoding - have a look at PHP's htmlentites functions to get an idea of the real complexity.. - using DOM textNode's is probably going to catch...
  6. glaring holes already out-there due to this bug....

    I don't think many really see the issue here. I noticed the lack of escaping purely by accident. Having assumed that it would be the default behavior.....

    Our data is email connection records...
  7. Simple fix.

    This works for me.. - simple fix

    .x-dlg {
    position: fixed;
  8. [Security] XSS attacks for Extjs Applications - critical warning

    While I've not examined Lists yet, Grid is highly susceptible to XSS attacks. Due to it's lack of escaping of data rendered into the page. String.format(), which 'on the face of it looks like it...
  9. localpart of email regex not conformant to rfc

    var email = /^([\w]+)(.[\w]+)*@([\w-]+\.){1,5}([A-Za-z]){2,4}$/;


    'emailMask' : /[a-z0-9_\.\-@]/i,

    are a bit restrictive, according to
  10. Unfortunately, the default behavior when...

    Unfortunately, the default behavior when overtyping, is to show (after a delay), that the field is invalid, using
    Ext.form.Field.prototype.msgTarget = 'side';
    makes this very confusing for the end...
  11. Ext.form.Field always validates onBlur, impossible to disable

    There is no way to ensure that validation does not occur on blur.
    ideally it should be configurable:

    Ext.form.Field.prototype.validateOnBlur = true;

    Ext.form.Field.prototype.onBlur = ...
  12. Ext.form.TextField does not handle maxLength/size very well.

    There is no way to set the size or maxLength attribute of a text input.

    maxLength is also handled in code, rather than let the browser handle it.

    This is a workaround to use the assigned...
  13. calling reconfigure on Ext.grid.Grid, causes multiple stylesheets to be generated.

    When using external data sources, and refilling a grid with a new store/ column model, by calling Grid.reconfigure(ds, cm)

    The grid calls Ext.grid.AbstractGridView.prototype.generateRules, which...
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    Safari (older versions) fixes.

    I've been testing extjs (mostly form components) with Safari 2.0 on a early Intel box. These fixes solve most issues with safari and Konquerer.

    * insertAdjacentHTML is pretty borked in Konquerer...
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