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    Thanks for Select Event fire on Date field.
  2. How to rearrange the Ext.ux.Portlets on Dashboard ?


    I have created dashboard, In which i have added four Portlets.
    1 | 2
    3 | 4

    I can Drag and Drop those on each other to change the position of portlets.
    2 | 1
  3. Thank You all

    Thank You all
  4. Ext.ux.Portlet - Restore to Default State possible ?

    I have 2 columns and 3 rows means 6 Portlet on my page.
    <Toolbar Here>: <button for Reset Position of Portlet>
    P1 | P2
    P3 | P4
    P5 | P6

    Now, I drag and change the position of Portlet....
  5. Check whether var loader is null or not.

    Check whether var loader is null or not.
  6. Saving state of toggle button.


    The given code will affect all the buttons. not particular button which i had been pressed.


    I have Panel in which i have placed few toggle buttons and i want to save the state of...
  7. NumberField Input Dot (.) Automatically Converted to Comma (,)

    Hi, I am using Ext.ux.NumberField which is provide the International Support of Currency Format.
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