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  1. @yorl1 any chance you'd like to convert this into a github repo? In that way other members of the community can send you their PRs there ;)
  2. There seems to be a minor issue, if you use a renderer, the export process is not passing additional parameters to the function, just the value...

    I thought I'd let you know just in case someone...
  3. There is no command to do that, your development sources exist in your application root. The "app build development" command is there to help you prepare the sources that need to be built (like your...
  4. Could you add the -d flag to the sencha command you're executing? For example, if you're running "sencha app build" could you run it like this: "sencha -d app build" so we have more debugging info?...
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    Please refer to our guides:
  6. You need to install Sencha Cmd with the compass extension.
  7. This doesn't sound like a very efficient compile statement, are the contents of ###/src/main/webapp/ a real application or just js sources?

    What are you trying to achieve? An app only build file?
  8. Currently, it's not. This could make a good Feature Request (which you can submit using the support portal).
  9. Could you share your environment configuration? Are you able to reproduce this on a different computer?
  10. Yep, under the covers sencha generate theme ... is a shorthand for sencha generate package --type theme ...
  11. All configuration properties prefixed with "app" are better set using app.json. In fact what you did should be done like this:

    // app.json contents
    "production": { // All properties...
  12. The exception thrown means that the heap space was exhausted, low RAM perhaps? Try using a box with more ram or enable virtual memory to prevent this error.
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    If you're using windows you can find Sencha Cmd in the "Add or Remove programs" dialog in the Control Panel. There's also hidden .install4j directory in the installation dir that contains the...
  14. We have a wrapper for watch and compile commands with "sencha compass watch" and "sencha compass compile", so it should be possible, yes.
  15. Which Sencha Cmd version are you using? If you're using 6, could you make sure that you've installed the "compass extension" component? Compass is not taken from your system's path but it is bundled...
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    It seems that you're running this command from your app's "resources\sass" directory. This is not a standard Sencha Cmd directory and furthermore there is no build.xml file there, which is the cause...
  17. We need some additional info on this bug:
    - Which Ext JS version are you using?
    - Which Sencha Cmd version are you using?
    - How are you measuring the actual value? (are you looking at output...
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    Do you get this error when running other commands? (e.g. sencha app watch or sencha app refresh). Could you run the "ant sass" command with -debug? (i.e.: "sencha -debug ant sass")
  19. This bug was marked as Won't fix because the build directory needs to be inside the web server root during the build. You can use the -after-build-task to move your build directory out of the...
  20. The issue with web.xml will be finally fixed with Sencha Cmd 6.0.1 and 5.1.4, but this is not the root cause of this issue for all customers. We're investigating this issue but so far haven't been...
  21. This bug is actually two in one: 1. There's an underlying bug that is catched by a new logger, this logger is trying to write a file with diagnostic information. Due to this bug, a NPE is thrown when...
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    Actually it seems that the Ext.grid.Grid class was not found, could you check that you have it on your "requires" block? Also, do note that this is a modern toolkit class so make sure that it only...
  23. Please try to run it with the "-debug" flag: "sencha -debug app build" and share any additional details that you get from that log.
  24. When you run this with the -debug flag, do you see any errors that may not be logged when running the command in the usual way? (You may want to redirect the console output to a file so you can...
  25. Actually your workaround is the right way to do it, you need to make sure that a static field or .statics() is always called on a class reference, calling Ext.getClass makes sure of that.
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