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    Hi, if use that plagin that about if I have additional fields from form which not mention in server responce. Any change to send that new field back to server? Just add new records with new columns...
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    Hello, I just trying that theme and it cant find images in neptune/sizer/.. And really no this dir in extjs directory.
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    Where exactly it should be?
    I have similar problem. Make render to div I can't find how it possible do?

    launch: function () {
    Ext.define('Container', {
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    I have the same problem. This code is working but not better then autoHeight. Grid have height as much as rows inside but not fill all space. ViewPort not good also because I have another elements on...
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    Yes it's true. I try find a problem and found block after this field it took a space from right :-?
  6. exactly
  7. Subject. I want add prefix for final value if selected by another check/radio I have tried

    xtype:'multiselect', listeners:{
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    Thanks a lot it helps. Another question appear I use multiselect and radio on one field. Problem is that if I do that multiselect not show me values that already selected. :-? If I use different...
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    I know that property checked exist, but how I can select/unselect from a function? Which method I should use?
  10. I've done it with table layout. It's not perfect but looks like I want.
  11. Hm. I have tried your code it produce something completely different. And if I put multiselect out of container. How I can and other multiselects in this case. I thought may be better use table...
  12. Yes but no difference for this. 100% nor 10% just no reaction. And multiselect have to be inside I want group this section radiobuttons and multiselect. Here example that I want have at the end...
  13. I'm trying make few column of field and everything seems good except xtype: 'multiset' , it just ignoring width option. Without 'fieldcontainer' everything fine.

    { ...
  14. I think I resolve the problem. :D


    'create':function (form, data) {
    var record = new Apache_config();
  15. I think I've found source of the problem this peace of code

    var grid = Ext.create('Ext.grid.Panel', {
  16. Just checked without external css. The same reaction not appear value
  17. :-?Strange.
  18. here is my form code. with combobox.
  19. Problem is then I test part of my code at it just work properly and I can see value from value: .:-? Actually code with listeners work too on jsfiddle. Any Ideas? Is possible...
  20. May be you right, It's probably not better way but I'm only learning extjs and just do as I can. And I've chose this way and trying resolve problem. Any way how resolve this problem?
  21. Yes, I can. Which part of code may be useful?
  22. Yes, I did. First time I just make as was mention in official doc and after starting experiments but not succeed.
  23. Hello,
    I know that this is problem present in api description but I use value field without any visible improvement
    :-? . I have my values in FireBug but I still can't see this values in...
  24. I have code

    Ext.define('Writer.Form', {
    { fieldLabel:'NS',
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    Now it working. But I can't see the same strange render. Whole my page not render on jsFiddle at all. I've changed renderTo: Ext.getBody() and it have no effect. No errors occurred.

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