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    When I first saw the touch 2.0 docs I immediately saw the similarities in the mvc and dynamic loader classes. I tried to swap a demo application with some panels in a vbox layout from extjs to touch...
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    I'm very interested
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    I would normally agree with you. But I found a post by Jack that mentions that strings in grid columns are sorted case insensitive.... The post is kind of old from May of last year but I assume it is...
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    Is there a way to make the grid sort Case in-sensitive? I have an example where I am using client side sorting on my store to sort my grid by a lastname field. But the sort is case sensitive for some...
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    ACtually I have to disagree with most of the posters here. I have found the desktop extremely useful for several reasons. Its obviously not for every project. But for extremely large projects where...
  6. Thanks Animal for the assistance. Thats a handy piece of code.

    Unfortunately, in this case, it didnt work. The group still toggles.

    I did verify in firebug that it did the stopEvent() call. ...
  7. I have a grid that is grouped by a column rendered with an onclick event. See document column in red

    var cmServiceRequest = new Ext.grid.ColumnModel([
  8. I just ran into this same issue...sort of

    I am using the converter to convert my data from xml to json for consumption by extjs. The problem I am running into is that if there is a...
  9. I have a rendering problem with the borderlayout in Ext2.0.

    There is a collapsed north region of a borderlayout that contains a form with a column layout. If this region is first displayed as...
  10. If you are using an, you can look at the extraParams. Anything that you dump in there is sent over the wire with the url.

    store.proxy.conn.extraParams.myParam =...
  11. ExtJS Version: 2.0

    I am having a problem with the PagingToolbar refreshing its displayMsg when the data store has zero records in it. I have implemented the idea of a Command (Command pattern) for...
  12. I just ran across the same issue. You can get rid of all the records by hooking the beforeload event and doing a store.removeAll().

    This clears the records but I still have an issue with the...
  13. I posted this over in help but I think its a small bug in Ext dealing with IE6
    This error occurs in Ext2.0. Sorry forgot to put it in the subject.

    I have an HTMLEditor that I am displaying in a...
  14. oh, sorry to not be clear

    That is a code snippit from ext-all-debug, and of course it does continue after that. I only modifed it slightly from the orignial to not allow the height to be set to...
  15. I have an HTMLEditor that I am displaying in a Window on a EXT2.0 desktop

    function CreateJournalViewer(desktop) {
    var navHandler = function(action){
    var activeCard =...
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    I assumed you can put a grid on an InfoPanel as well but I am not having much luck. I have created roughly the same structure as above, but for some reason the grid never renders. Any pointers?
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