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  1. use 4 to compile extjs 4.2.2,with this message,[WRN] C1009: Circular reference in requirements chain,what can i do?
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    4.2.2 released?
  3. May be tool fast?

    try to add
    Ext.defer(function() {nav.expandPath(node.getPath());},500);
  4. Thank you very much!
  5. Hi all, I found that cellediting grid select records incorrect.

    Use the examples\kitchensink\app\view\grid\CellEditing.js file

    add code at line 173:

    var aaa = this.getStore().insert(0,...
  6. Thank you very much,It works!
  7. Thank you!
  8. Thank you!
  9. Hi all,I use treegrid than want to display child with radio,but when expand that catch exception like this:Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'insertSibling' of null in file src/tree/view.js line...
  10. Hi , is there any way to do this?

    Copy data from excel to extjs grid?
  11. Hi all,can any body help?cellmodel how to auto add new row when cruuentposition is at last row and press down key?
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    Thank you!Great,That's what i want.
  13. I found this //@charset GBK,thanks.
  14. Hi all,I use cmd to compile my project,but it change my js file encoding to UTF-8,is there any way to set the encoding?

    I use YUI alone is fine.
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    Thank you!

    But is there any way to do this no matter the grid is cellmodel or rowmodel?

    It can use setCurrentPosition method ,but i may not want to determine the type of selectmodel.
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    grid cellmodel select row throw error like this Cannot read property 'view' of undefined ;
    in file src/selection/CellModel.js line 324

    view = pos.view || me.primaryView;

    Use the example...
  17. grid with cell checkcolumn no display the checkbox image.Any one can help?
  18. Thank you very much!

    I just want to make a small ext-all file fix to all pages.

    If there are a lot of pages , it may compile difference allclasses ?
  19. How to create JSB3 file with Sencha Cmd?

    Sencha Cmd build command can build extjs with a JSB3 file,but how to create JSB3 file?
  20. Thank you very much!
    This way is not suit for me.I want to include the normal classes in one file all-class.js and can load other classes in runtime.
  21. Any one help?
  22. Sencha Cmd how to create a custom build containing only the code that application needs?

    I use sencha sdktool 2.0 create jsb3 file to build a custom build file,but use cmd ,i dont know how to do...
  23. I found the new source code add

    May be this event cost more time,can you add some args to skip this ?such as silence.
  24. record.set(field,value) take more time than 4.1,is there any thing change?
  25. I use chrome open the example Buffered Scrolling page,the close this tab ,but the memory does not release.How to release the memory except close browser?
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