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  1. Still loving this control, but have come across a little issue running under Ext JS 4.2, it is easier to show the screen shots than try and explain the problem so here goes:
    This screen shot is the...
  2. Yes I did, I found that by removing the typeAhead and lastQuery config items sorted this problem out, so my xtype looks like this:

    xtype: 'boxselect',
    id: 'cboIncWinGroups',
  3. It seems with this config option on, when I click on an empty control the first time I get this.createFilterFn is not a function line 946, my definition for the control is as follows:

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    Thanks, that helped me find what I was looking for, the dateFormat I needed was 'c'.
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    I have checked this and the Dates show in IE, FireFox(Mac/PC), Chrome(Mac/PC), even in Opera they show, yet under Safari (Mac/PC) all dates are empty, the format I use for the date in the store is...
  6. Is this possible, what I am after is when I move the mouse over a field, I want a popup view to appear with a grid like view, I thought of using the Combo with the Template, but I am not sure how to...
  7. I have the following code which clears out my grid perfectly but the Paging Toolbar does not


    store.totalLength = 0;

    var grid =...
  8. 1. Create a new Model just for the Array Element of the Parent Model.
    2. Assign this empty model as the Store to the grid
    3. This is my Store.load

    callback: function(rec,...
  9. The top part of the form has static display, this information is not in a grid, but what I do need is the Comments to be in a grid, as they will be allowed to add new comments to this, also I need a...
  10. What I need to do is display the following arrays in Grids, but at the moment really struggling to find any simple examples of this

    I have a form which will show the basic information, then with...
  11. Thanks, you pointed me in the right direction, the problem was with the DateTime format coming from my web service, this has now been sorted.
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    Is it possible to change this so it has the same blue background as the form, the FieldSet seems to have the right background, so why is this one white and how if possible can I change it so it...
  13. I have a grid displayed with the Date/Time column, using the following render:
    dateRenderer('d/m/Y g:i a'), now this displays all dates and times fine under IE and FireFox, but under Google Chrome...
  14. Could you either point me at an example or tell me how to do this please.
  15. Version 4.07, I have even tried with 4.1 R2, but when I tried with the new 4.1 R3, it failed with the following message: undefined.
  16. I am very new to EXT JS, I have tried all suggestions I have found and none seem to have worked.

    The getnodes.php just returns a static XML file with a couple of nodes.

    This is the Code:
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