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  1. try
    newcell = this.celltempl.append(row,{col: colIndex, lst: lst, val: val},true);
    catch(err) {

    if (newcell) {...
  2. Of course it should not be getEl... I posted my Nth iteration of hacking this thing.
    Still no return if it's

    newcell = this.celltempl.append(row,{col: colIndex, lst: lst, val: val},true);

  3. YAHOO.ext.grid.HMParameterGridView = function() {;
    this.celltempl = new YAHOO.ext.DomHelper.Template('<span class="ygrid-col...
  4. I am setting the options "return Element" parameter true on template append. It never seems to return anything, but the text renders just fine.

    this.celltempl = new...
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    Is it just me, but it seems the BasicDialog.destroy function with TRUE parameter to destroy the element, destroys the element and removes it form the Dom, but leaves the proxy and the shim divs. The...
  6. Thanks, jack. That did it. SHIMS.
  7. I think it's an issue not just with Firefox, but Firefox on the Mac (which happens to be my development platform :) ). True for both 1.5 and 2.0 FF.
    Would hate to exclude us Mac people :)
  8. Unusually, something works great in IE and not in FF (2.0). I am dynamically popping up a dialog (layout and regular) over an existing layout that has a region with scrollbars.
    For some reason (I...
  9. The main site has migrated to the YUI/RAILS version and is now available:

    The UI was positively received, especially by several old friends from Silicon Valley, supposedly...
  10. Getting rid of prototype -- thought about it. It would mean re-writing the Ajax helpers that are included with rails to use the YUI way of doing Ajax. I know about the cycles :?
    Since most of...
  11. I am enclosing a note I sent Jack explaining the site. He encouraged me to post it on the blog. The old version (PHP) has been up for a year. The new version - YUI-ext/Ruby/Rails if brand new and...
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    I have been integrating yui-ext with Ruby/Rails and love the library. With the right "helpers" (rails term), this thing will make coding really sweet.
    I have used another grid in the past, but...
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