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    Thanks, you pointed the correct option

    Thanks for your suggestion which is correct. I had meanwhile implemented using solution an an earlier form, on the same lines as your suggestion, and that worked...
  2. Culprit was the d wrapper added by the .Net Service

    Problem was due to the d wrapper added to the returning json by .Net Service. So what finally worked was Creating a reader to handle the d, and then using the reader. Thanks to the forum:...
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    Same problem, tried your solution, but did not work

    Hi, I am facing the same problem since last 1 week, but not managed ot tackle it yet. I have taken your identical js file, and passed a minimized string back, with values based on what you have...
  4. Added the suggested reader to the proxy with root...

    Added the suggested reader to the proxy with root 'd'. It now populates blank rows into the tree with the folder icon. The resultset is about 10 rows from the ajax url, but now the javascript keeps...
  5. Valid json returned by .net3.5 servic not getting populated in treegrid

    I am struggling with this last thing for my 1st extjs4 usage:
    The ajax call returns a json, but it is not getting bound the treepanel.

    My treegrid.js...
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