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    @mankz Can you, please, elaborate a bit more on this client tracking and automated siesta test generation? Maybe with some code examples?

    If not, did you maybe considered to offer your solution...
  2. Please, can you explain one additional detail...

    In my local repository, besides my own packages, I also have external, third party packages (namely deftjs) which are included in catalog.json of...
  3. For ExtJS 4.2.2 distribution, in file


    there is a line

    $grid-grouped-title-font-size: ceil($font-size * .9) !default
  4. I have an application which uses DeftJS, and to use it, besides specifying a declaration under "requires" in app.json, I have to run a sencha command to add remote repository. I believe it will make...
  5. Bug in Sencha CMD - "enable.split.mode" config parameter does not work


    Sencha Cmd version tested:

    Sencha Cmd

    Operating System:
  6. Sencha team, please can you fix this? Split mode still doesn't work with Sencha CMD v4.0.2.67. Tnx
  7. This override works for me:

    Ext.define('myfixes.button.ButtonFixes', {
    override: 'Ext.button.Button',

    fireHandler: function() {
  8. After some thought, it seems to me that will be more appropriate to introduce a whole new mode, something like SIMPLE_WITH_SHIFT. I had a requirement for checkboxmodel only, but maybe this can be...
  9. Actually, it is very similar to this, except in SIMPLE mode SHIFT key doesn't work. So in effect, patch implements some kind of hybrid between SIMPLE and MULTI modes, where CTRL is not required for...
  10. I'm sorry, I wasn't explained the problem correctly, and I wrote a patch some time ago so I forgot what is it for exactly.

    Selection/deselection of rows by using their checkboxes behaves in the...
  11. When CheckboxModel is used with grid, problem is that rows can be selected only by clicking on their corresponding checkbox. I believe this is not very user friendly, and I think it will be better if...
  12. Great :-)

    For my reference, can you, please, provide forum link and ticket number if they are available? Tnx
  13. When CheckboxModel is used, header checkbox is not cleared when related store is cleared, or when all records from a store are removed. Following override fixes a problem for me:

  14. I see. If I understood correctly, then something like following will be correct?

    params: {
    // some params
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    Same request as dunamis :-). Please, can you provide dload link for version 2.0. This will be of great help for me, tnx.
  16. I've found that I can't use jsonData as config option for store.load() method. For example, I didn't manage to use something like:

    jsonData: {
    // some json data...
  17. When using new PageAnalyzer tool, I have several layout runs for same view. Is it possible to see in PageAnalyzer what triggers specific layout run? I'm using ext 4.1.0 RC3. Tnx
  18. +1 for fixing this before GA.
    Fix by zombeerose works perfectly for me. Thank you very much, zombeerose.
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    As it turns out, 4.1.0-rc2 changed visibility mode to 'offsets' for Window class. For restoring correct behavior of Notification, I just set hideMode to 'visibility' in Notification's definition:

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    I'm having problems with running this extension under Ext 4.1.0.RC2. Basically, I have a button which shows and hides notification, where notification is instantiated on first show and reused...
  21. Please do if you wish. I posted here since the problem is related to builds, which are not available to everyone.

    Best regards,
    Damir Murat
  22. I know these are not release versions, but this bug scares me pretty much, since it brings down my whole app, and I'm already working with ext-4.1-20120323 build. Here are details... Following code...
  23. When executing code below, you will see that load mask doesn't mask form's buttons:

    Ext.onReady(function() {
    var simpleForm = Ext.widget({
    xtype: 'form', layout: 'form', collapsible:...
  24. With dataview example taken from documentation, if initComponent method is added to a dataview, TypeError is thrown:

    Ext.onReady(function() {
    Ext.define('Image', {
  25. I wasn't aware of single option, tnx for the tip. I've also tried with afterrender, but it seems that it fires to early since the layout is not fixed in that case.

    Damir Murat
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