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  1. I see from the sticky that Grid DnD is back (and I can drag selected rows on the examples, although the ordering doesn't seem to change), but it's not immediately obvious from the source how it's...
  2. One point that's worth fleshing out, which relates to the OP's point and a couple of other threads that've been floated here and on the YUI mailing list: I completely respect the decision to make...
  3. this may be causing the EditGrid example to bomb out ... with this fix, I am able to get the EditorGrid (with simple TextFields, anyway) live in my app.

    line 21089 of ext-all-debug.js:...
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    I remember there was a mention of Drop 'n' Drag still needing to come from YUI ... has that changed? Will JQuery + Ext do DnD on its own?
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    Thanks for the clarification, Jack. I'll do what I should do anyways and hold off for DnD and docs. :D

    Appreciate all the hard work.
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    Hi Jack,

    Long time listener, first time caller here. I'd certainly echo everyone's sentiments- great work, keep it up, thank you-thank-you-thank-you-thank-you ...

    Using the previous release,...
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