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  1. The 4.0.x toolbox does add a gridview with each grid - but without the "div" itemSelector.

    4.1.x toolbox adds the "div" itemSelector and will not allow me to delete it unless I delete the...
  2. Thanks - that's it - makes sense that the selector doesn't know where to find rows to index them if it tries to find them be div.

    I didn't set it. Architect sets it "for me" when it adds a...
  3. Listener on store.load() confirms I'm getting records into the store. And if I display one column only all will display. I can cycle through the fields and display any I want as long as it's one at a...
  4. Head scratcher...

    I have a grid that will load records and display them if I am displaying one column only at a time.

    I can change the dataIndex of the column to any dataField in my json and I...
  5. This is probably a problem with your paths on the server. You may need to configure the Ext.loader for your paths and you may need to add an entry for appFolder in the app.js file after you save your...
  6. What MVC system are you using?

    I'm using Rails - an MVC Web framework. And extjs MVC works fine with/within Rails. Rails is kind of the backend on the some of the apps I'm working on, but it's not...
  7. newNode.parentNode.expand(false,function(){
    cellEditingPlugin.startEdit(newNode, 0);

    Can you separate these lines? I guess I don't...
  8. The whole point of architect 2 and MVC was to organize your code into something manageable. Where does "this" go, where does "that" go. Etc. multiplied by 200...

    Architect can add js files as...
  9. newNode.parentNode.expand(false,function(){

    Do you need to prepend parentNode with new node? You already have var parentNode set.

    Just drop newNode from the front of that and see what happens....
  10. Turn the problem around.

    If you need to use another controllers function, set that controller up to listen to an application event that your current controller fires.....

    Check out the...
  11. Replies
    I have no examples of doing overrides with charts. Never have had the chance to work with them yet.
  12. Replies
    override: 'MyApp.model.XXX',

    initComponent: function() {
    this.fields = [
    // your fields
    this.associations = [
  13. Yes, it is more work to make these changes if you have only one thing that will fire an event. But if you have two button or menu events that need to be handled the same way, not so.

    In a bigger...
  14. Hello,
    Have you tried listening for the button event on the view and then using fireEvent to fire and event that the controller can listen to?

    I don't know your case, but in MVC I'm not sure how...
  15. Are you getting any errors in firebug?

    What item in what view are you pressing? Please clarify.
  16. Sergio is 100% right.

    Start over in architect. If your intent is to use architect to write your applications, you will eventually have to move it all over to architect anyway. There may come a...
  17. Hello,
    It seems to me that in small applications you can do almost anything and get away with it. As long as you think through your way of configuring things and stick with that way, you're OK.
  18. Also,
    Could you post the code for the form when you have a chance?
  19. The id = 0 is the problem. Whatever is happening between your form and the store you are picking up the id = 0 and it is preventing the store from recognising your record as a new record. Records...
  20. Use selected.items[0].internalId .... index is the index in the grid ... internal id is the record's id
  21. Try this - the store thinks that id=0 is an existing record.

    if (theForm.isValid()) {
    var idField = theForm.down('#id').setValue("");
    // this should leave your id as empty
  22. Try store.getUpdatedRecords() after store.sync() and see what happens.
  23. It is confusing because the docs say this about sync:

    However, for some reason sync doesn't get around to setting the server set ID on your new record even though it has hit the server and...
  24. Go to the button in Architect. Go to the top of the Config explorer window. Type in action - click add. Add your action. Action isn't on the button cinfig but you can add it.
  25. Is this the kind of thing you are asking about?

    'button[action=deleteComment]': {
    click: this.deleteComment


    If it is I...
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