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  1. Hi

    Correct, no x-btn-test-small etc

    This was probably not a good one to choose to start with but it's unfortunately what I'm trying to style! The bubble panel example from the docs works...
  2. Trying to theme a button with (for example) :

    @include extjs-button-ui(
    $border-radius: 0px,
    $border-width: 1px,
    $border-color: #ff3300
  3. Can you show us some more code?

  4. How about items on the form panel something like this?

    items : [ {xtype: 'textfield', fieldLabel: 'Field 1', ... },
    {html: 'Text describing field...', style: ' ... ', border: false},...
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    Try :

    Search the forum for several threads on integrating Fusioncharts with Ext.

  6. Try something like this.

    In your TabPanel :

    items: [ {html: '', border: false, id: 'chart_container'}],

    and then
  7. Yes, the panel contains a div which contains the html content I'm scrolling. The html content is updated and scrolled live (in my case a log file - always shows the end (bottom) of the file).
  8. Hi -

    Try something like :

    var content = Ext.get('my_content');
    var bottom = content.getHeight();
    var panel = Ext.getCmp('my_panel');
    panel.body.scroll("b", bottom, true);
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    Have you seen :

    Fusion charts/widgets can quite easily be rendered into Ext panels etc either using the Fusion JS or using this extension.
  10. Ah OK - that does indeed make my version of the demo work.

    My own app is still misbehaving but it's a more complicated layout (border layout with charts in tabpanels and regions)... Anyway I have...
  11. Well I'm still working on my (lack of) rendering problem too FWIW :-?

    I'm also seeing the 'line 137' error in setDataXML that has been referred to previously.

    At the moment it's looking like a...
  12. Firstly, thanks for this great extension.

    I'm having an issue with a Fusion chart panel failing to re-render when the browser window is resized on Mac Safari.

    The demo you posted above works...
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