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  1. Doesn't anyone have an idea why i can't a parameter to the before-function in Sencha Architect?

    Maybe this will help:

    Goal is to check user session in local storage using this guide:...
  2. Hi,
    i want to use an interceptor to check if user session is still valid, so i use a before-function in SA.
    But if i add it, i have not a single parameter which i can add and i have to add the...
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    Hey guys,
    I just read something about Sencha Architect supporting Intellisense.
    Slide: 24

    No I wonder how to activate...
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    This worked really well and was really easy to implement. Thank you very much. You're the greatest :)

    So this probem is totally solved.
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    Ah okay, then I misunderstood him. I will try your code until tomorrow. I will let you know what is the result of my work.

    Could you reply to my post(#4).
    I don't know what you mean by those...
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    Hi fischer,
    I just used the sencha architect template of 'starter apps' called 'task list'.
    Then I added this to the form:

    Ext.define('Scrollbar.view.FormPanel', {
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    sorry it's me again.
    my form and my list doesn't have a 'scrollable' attribute. If I add it by myself the scroll doesn't work anymore. I can drag the list around.

    Do I really have to set a...
  8. Hi,
    I have a simple date field with the current timestamp and a second button.
    This button should increase the time by 30min each time pressed.
    But if its 09:34 am I should round up to 10:00 am...
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    Thank you for the replies,
    but I still need some information about how to implement it.

    (Just to mention I have Sencha Architect 3 / not familiar with extending or overriding)

    1) Overriding...
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    I got a ST 2.3.1 Application.
    If the application is called by a browser the app should have a regular scrollbar.
    I don't want to develop a second app (using ExtJS) for that.
    Can I switch...
  11. Hi,
    Using the 'Ticket Tracker'-template (start-template by SenchaArchitect) as a base I want the record automatically being updated.
    So I used a change-event on the select-field.
    This is the code:...
  12. if i set the fn of 'BeforeFilter' and click on it, this error occurs:
    Error: Uncaught TypeError: Object["action"] has no method 'map'


    => not able to save this project with this filter.
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    Now i currently try to create a user extension for Sencha Architect, but i am stuck there, too.

    Creating user extension for Sencha Architect 3 with CMD 5 with datetimepicker example:...
  14. Hi,
    i currently try to create a user extension for Sencha Architect 3.0 using Sencha CMD 5.0 and this example:

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    I figured out that the datepicker component was able to show hours and minutes in the text field, but wasn't able to set them via the picker.
    So if i picked a new date, any hours and minutes reset...
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    Hi all,
    i got a date picker. Picking any date works well. Then i added a button, to additionally being able to add a day and an hour. They add a day or an hour as long as i didn't set a date via the...
  17. Hi all,
    SA version has some requests, which will alwasy fail.
    The server uses web api 2 and windows authentication (needs to have the negotiate scheme), and SA sends invalid requests:...
  18. Hi again,
    I changed my actions to more descriptive names. Now I get a different error (a code: Zero 7).
    To exclude any custom made error I created a new default template delivered by Sencha...
  19. Sure,
    because of the limited space for attachments I uploaded both to google drive:
    Sencha Architect 3:...
  20. How can I check that, because running it as a regular web app in my browser (chrome and ie) it works both correct and doesn't output any errors concerning javascript issues?
  21. Hi again,
    sorry for the very late response:
    I need to mention that i upgraded to the new Sencha Architect
    Build Android App settings:

    Application Name: STask
    Application ID:...
  22. Hi there,
    i got a simple task-list app.
    Each task has a target date (e.g. 2014-04-28T00:00:00 ).
    In my form i got a date picker as well as buttons to in-/decrement the date-value of the picker...
  23. Hi all,
    i currently try to build my first andoid app using SA3 and CMD4.

    Configurations are:
    App Summary:
    1) Android Level 15 (for Android 4.0)
    2) SDK-Path: "Path/to/Android/android-sdk"
  24. I have no clue how to debug properly.In my pullrefresh-plugin i simplyfied my code as much as possible:

    Ext.define('TaskList.override.plugin.PullRefresh', { override:...
  25. Hi,
    i got a simple list filled with json-data and using pull-refresh to get new values.
    within the plugin-extension i am not able to compare old with new values.

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