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  1. I plan to use it but may be only once!
  2. When I whant to use the micro loader with a sencha architect project do I have to write it manually in the app.html file or is there another way?
  3. I build a simple app which a list component and a data store. I use sencha-touch.js and only the needed sass mixings. So my js is minimal and my css is also minimal.

    Then I used "sencha app build...
  4. Ok, so your component importer is fine, but it automatically places then components inside the toolbar. But there are cases I do not want that. So a work around would be to delete it from the toolbar.
  5. I switched from sencha-touch-all.js to sencha-touch.js and loaded all the required packages which appear as warnings in the console.

    After sencha app build package I got the following error:
  6. oh I see perfect, thank you!
  7. what do you mean by that?
  8. How to add 'Ext.require' in Sencha Architect 2 for more than one item?
    In the application node I have a required field, but it allow me only to include one item, e.g.,
  9. I am looking for the same thing.
  10. It would be nice, if imported components can be placed optional in the toolbox.
  11. It would be very helpful if you can import .js classes into architect.
  12. okay so I apply!
  13. is there a chance to be come a beta tester?
  14. A Button for Build Production would be very nice in architect.
  15. when will this version be available?
  16. I have the same problem any suggestions?
  17. I am using MAC OSX 10.7.4 and SA 2.0.

    When I try to use List or a Panel component and try to add a function using the plus button, then there is no reaction. No function definition shows up.
  18. Ohh I see. Thank you for help!
  19. the problem with this is that architect makes:

    control: {
    "back": {
    tap: 'onBackTap'

    but I want to have:

    control: {
  20. when I set the "controlQuery" to back does this take my defined ref "back"?
  21. this is not my point. the textfield is still not working.
  22. Inside a controller I want to add a new Action. When I click on the plus sometimes there is no reaction, i.e., no new action occurs. After a while I get a new action and I was asked for a "target...
  23. I this simple controller:

    Ext.define('MyApp.controller.TweetController', {
    extend: '',
    config: {
    refs: {
    back: '#Back'

  24. Replies
    I recommend packaging with phone gap if you want to use Apple push notification.
  25. sure, but how can I find the error? is there a possibility for remote debugging?
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