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  1. Problem was solved by updating the SDK.
    Thanks to everyone for discuss :)
  2. thanks :)
  3. Hello everybody.

    We are disabling web security for development purposes.
    We add --disable-web-security to chrome shortcut, for example.

    Is this a way to disable it on mobile safari on...
  4. Thank you very much for your help!
    I will raise this issue again tomorrow. With the programmers.
  5. For example:

    One width of browser window:

    Another width of browser window:
  6. Width that I set in MAIN.JS, did not appear on the page. Width of the BACK-button (TITLE too) depending on the width of the window and set in inline-style, as in the screenshot:...
  7. I only do the front-end. Views are writing by my programmers. I think that you are interested in MAIN.JS. But there is nothing unusual. After all, the BACK-button is generated automatically by...
  8. no :(
  9. I found a discussion of the problem:
  10. Same trouble :(

    Trying to write code, added cls for example:

    navigationBar : {
    docked : 'top',
    backButton : {
    align : 'left',
    ui : 'back',
  11. Looks like solution but where do I put this code to set the width of standard BACK-button? After all, it is automatically created.

    In the other case I think that a some JS-script is running here,...
  12. Hello.
    I have too much troubles in theming.

    For now I only need to fix the width of BACK-button.
    I can't do it using CSS because width of this button is set in inline-styles like:...
  13. Replies
    Hello guys. Really glad to be here :)
    I'm new to the Sehcha Touch.

    I'm following this guide: Theming Sencha Touch to start in theming.
    For now I have installed Ruby, Compass and can compile my...
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